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ADHD follow up question

So, if they are more creative, doesn’t that mean that they are more clever and, in turn, makes them smarter than other in terms of thinking through things and staying ahead of them? I may just be... more


Are people with ADHD typically smarter?

Is it easier for people with ADHD to outsmart others? I’ve heard that they can be more creative and tend to think outside the box when presented with a problem. If my friend was super quick, hyper,... more


Specific Tutoring for ADHD Brain

Hi there,I am looking of someone to help me in Music Theory, but am afraid of the challenges they may face with my ADHD. It requires patience and an open mind for teaching methods. Do you know... more

Do you have to sit at a table or desk to be able to study properly?

If you listen to music while you study, does that mean you won't remember anything? Do you have a hard time concentrating when you try to study the "right" way?

How does a student with ADHD learn best?

Why is my child dyslexic?

Do you wonder if your child is dyslexic or has ADHD?

Needing pressure point anatomy information for sleep, adhd, tourettes.

I am looking into magnotherapy for someone who suffers from sleepwalking, insomnia, add/adhd, tourettes and depression. I can't find any online printable (free) charts to help me. The only one I... more
Adhd Dyslexia


What are some symptoms of a learning disorder?

Adhd Dyslexia


What is a learning disorder?

Adhd Dyslexia


Who ate famous people with dyslexia?



ADHD students and closed schools

how can I help my student focus on school at home where they aren't used to working all the time?

How do I get my ADHD child to attend to online teaching/school?

With online schooling today, many ADHD and other needs kids are being left behind because the format is even less individualized than school! What to do??

How can I help a struggling early reader at HOME?

Parents and caregivers, if you are reading this message you have reached desperation when it comes to supporting your Struggling Reader. It will be okay, I promise!I am a special educator, trained... more

What kind of assessment do educators do before before beginning private tutoring of a student?

Various ages, abilities and disabilities and subject matter call for flexibility in tutoring, what are some tools a tutor might use to make an effective assessment and know they are going to work... more


Does a child with ADHD require a tailored tutoring program and does tutoring benefit the child with ADHD?

Does children with ADHD benefit from tutoring?

Does tolerance develop to medicinal use of dextroamphetamine?

Dextromphetamine is used long-term to treat ADHD. Does the agent's effectiveness in treating the disorder decrease with time? Do the mood elevating properities of the drug attenuate?

Does taking medication lose hyperfocus on ADHD?

I wonder if taking medication to deal with unconcentration on ADHD would lose hyperfocus, which is considered one of the advantage of ADHD. I understand taking medication on ADHD have a side... more


How do receive more replies from those who seek tutoring in my specific areas?

Even though I only reply to parents (usually) who need specialized help where I excel, most posters NEVER reply back to my availability, even though I ask specific questions focused on the kind of... more


Why is "color coding" useful when working with students with disabilities?

Color coding, specifically tutor outlining self-drawn boxes on a piece of paper, helps both the teacher and the student organize information according to the beginning, middle and end of an... more

What is the relationship between anger management difficulties and ADHD?

According to Wikipedia, "Difficulties managing anger are more common in children with ADHD" Is it that the anger is due to ADHD specifically? Is the anger suggestive of a comorbid disorder? Could... more

Why ADHD instead of ADD? / Why predominantly hyperactive-impulsive instead of predominantly-impulsive?

The types of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are: 1. predominantly inattentive 2. predominantly hyperactive-impulsive 3. combined Not sure I understand. People with ADHD are... more

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