Sandra A.

asked • 11/09/12

Can Someone help me study. I have my own material..

Hi I am in the military and I have an exam coming up. Its going through a bunch of instructions, and we have to memorize it for an exam. I dont know if someone can help, but I would like to ask anyways. thank you.

Chris S.

I suggest you post questions here as they come up. They are answered the same day, sometimes within minutes.



Nancy N.

   Use color and shapes to help you memorize the information. Let say you are studying about the different types of sharks in the world for example. You can classify the dangerous sharks in red marker lets say and write a summary about their habitat, feeding habits, etc in that color. Then you might draw a picture a a skull and crossbones next to the names of these sharks meaning that they are dangerous to humans.  You get the idea. The combination will reenforce what you are learning. I hope this helps you.
                                                          Nancy Nichols


John N.

I applaud our military for their service! I served as well! ;)


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John R. answered • 11/09/12

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Elissa C. answered • 07/17/13

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Donna B. answered • 03/05/13

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Spencer O. answered • 11/13/12

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Robert B. answered • 11/10/12

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Donna B.

Robert, I am a flash card fan also. It took me all through every one of my Emergency Medical Technician courses. It was amazing how many of my classmates (fellow rangers) borrowed or made copies of those cards to help them.



Helga B.

When it comes to subjects that require memorization, such as vocabulary words in another language, or learning all the characteristics of all the great apes vs monkeys, flash cards are a great help every time.  I find that writing out my own cards, with the information written the same way every time, gives me a bit of a head start.  Organizing properly, then carrying around at least a portion of the flash cards in a pocket, so when there's a window of opportunity to review some cards while taking a break, isn't overwhelming. By scheduling a time to review the cards for 15-30 minutes, then break off for awhile, it becomes easy to start recognizing one, then several, until suddenly most of them are easy to remember.
At that point, concentrating on the "problem" cards for intensive review for 10-15 minutes at a time starts to make those flash cards easier to learn.
three things to concentrate on; writing out the cards, carrying either some or all, depending on the pile size for short, concentrated review and finally, actually assigning a more intensive homework slot on the calendar, but not too long at any one sitting all work together to make certain that all the cards end up absorbed in memory.


JA M. answered • 11/10/12

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Spencer O.

I agree and will add further comments later.



Andrew W. answered • 11/10/12

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