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How to make academic essays more concise?

So I take History and English Literature A Level, I love them! But the problem is that I really want an A* and I don't know how to get it. I've received a few As so far but I'm a bit behind the... more


How do I write a really good essay?

I've been struggling for about a year in my English Literature and History A-Level classes as I just can't write a persuasive, flowing, coherent and comprehensive essay. The main problem I think is... more
Essay Proofreading



Hey, can anyone here proofread my essay on religion an science? would appreciate a constructive feedback. thanks I have confidence in scientific belief because I live in the world that science... more
Essay Type


What type of essay is this?

America has always been characterized by a spirit of change and reform. These transformations have been social, economic, political, cultural, as well as technological. In light of what you have... more


Is it a feature article or an essay?

Hello. I am a journalism student and I have to write a feature article. I resit this assignment for the 4th time because my teacher says that my articles are essays, not feature articles. Could you... more
Essay English Poem


Pls help I need a poem or song with the theme of things are not always how they seem for English class

  I have to write a literary essay that contrasts the theme from one story to a poem with the same theme. The theme is things are not always how they seem. I can't find a poem with this theme... more

Does this paragraph sound okay for a DBQ essay?

The democracy in Greece was an environment where everyone was equal in the eyes of the law. Not one person or family ruled the nation without having input from society, the democracy in Greece... more


You have just been part of stage performmance. write about your role,rehearshal time ,the response of audience and what you learnt from this experience

You have just been part of stage performmance. write about your role,rehearshal time ,the response of audience and what you learnt from this experience


Help with branches of mathematics essays ?

I’m a first year graduate. And am asked to write an essay on maths related topic, which must be of 7 pages. I’m out of tensed on preparing such a long essay. So I need info for an important essay.... more


What would be a thesis statement for an essay about how college is not worth the cost

I am writing an essay on how college isnt worth the cost. So what would be the thesis statement?


Explain how the Civil War and the failures of Reconstruction caused the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Was the civil rights movement a success?

Homework help, regarding the effects of the Civil War & the failures of the Reconstruction? I have to write an essay on this topic. I have a general ideal but i feel like i'm lacking detail.... more


Writing essay on how the Israelites got to jerusalem

Hello. My name is Elie. Im writing a essay on how the Israelites got to Jerusalem, but cannot find any clear, understandable information. Please write everything you know about it. Thanks. If I can... more


Putting a paragraph into my own words

Hi, I need help. I am doing a one page paper on how the Israelites got to Jerusalem. I am having some trouble finding information. The few things I did find are hard to understand. Please put the... more


English Essay Research Essay Thesis Help! Urgent!

I need help constructing a solid, arguable thesis statement. Here is the assigned question: "Why are imaginative worlds that differ from the everyday world essential elements of two of the novels... more


What topic/theme should I write about Alfred Hitchcock for a research paper?

I want to write a research paper on Alfred Hitchcock and his movies? Are there any movies that share a common theme or do any of his movies have themes that can easily relate to real life issues or... more


I have to write a History essay about a quote.

I chose this quote: Canada will be a strong country when Canadians of all provinces feel at home in all parts of the country, and when they feel that all Canada belongs to them. Pierre... more


Feed back for an essay regarding what the definition of "the good" and how that obligates individuals and a society

-Im not sure if i should combine some of the paragraphs dealing with similar topics, and if I could get feedback on my intro and conclusion. I usually struggle with writing concluding... more
Essay College Edit


college essay help

I am not sure if this works for a the common essay. The prompt it "Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be... more


Is there a word/phrase for what I am thinking of?

Hi! So I am currently writing an essay that all depends on whether or not I agree with a statement about the topic of a book we are reading. In the essay, I would like to begin with summarizing the... more

I need to write an essay, please help

I need to include these 10 vocabulary words and create a unique 1 page single spaced essay to include them in. I also need to be able to show enough detail to show the meaning of the word(s). Can... more


How do you write this sentence correctly?

This quote sentence appears in my essay: The narrator describes, “Chuck imagines having a cell phone, texting Margo while she is at home or at the KwikMart. ‘Out of BBQ today, Shipment in tmrw.... more
Essay English


How to support people who can't work

<div>&lt;div&gt;please answer me in details that is full answers&lt;/div&gt;</div>


How do I explain the correct process used to simplify subtracting polynomials and put it in words

I am having issues with how to word out this whole thing, math is one of my most weakest link as a student especially when it comes to explaining a problem out. I need help simplifying (3x2 -4x +7)... more


What are some tips for coming up with a good thesis for a paper?

I need to come up with a paper, what are some tips for thinking of a thesis?

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