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How do I write an introduction to a research paper or essay?

My teacher says I have to write an introduction to my paper, but I just don't know what to write.
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What's the simplest way to structure an essay?

Essay Structure English Essay Essay Writing


lennie and george are two opposite characters yet they compliment each other. do you agree?

this is from the book of mice and men and i need to write an essay on it. what are some key points that i can write paragraphs about?  
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I have a dream speech im lost help

With this forum, you are to discuss one (1) of the “Historical American Works” listed in the “Supplemental Readings” section of the course lessons. This discussion will help you prepare for your... more
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Bibliography card and note cards

Its a really dumb question but I really dont know. I understand that a bibliography card is a card where you put down your sources and note cards are top put in information. So I can use my first... more
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Would anyone please be able to give me some tips on this short essay?

Rebellions can be seen as the greatest challenge facing Henry VII’s rule, 1485 – 1509. Explain why you agree or disagree with this view.   Regarding any royal dynasty, a rebellion of one’s... more

Does this paragraph sound okay for a DBQ essay?

The democracy in Greece was an environment where everyone was equal in the eyes of the law. Not one person or family ruled the nation without having input from society, the democracy in Greece... more


reviewing an essay

Hi, I'm learning how to write essays but I'm not sure whether I got everything right. So, can anyone take a look at what I wrote and let me know what is missing and what should be removed (this... more
Essay Structure English Essay Essay Writing


English Essay Research Essay Thesis Help! Urgent!

I need help constructing a solid, arguable thesis statement. Here is the assigned question: "Why are imaginative worlds that differ from the everyday world essential elements of two of the novels... more

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