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In the story "Borders" by Thomas King:

What is implied by the one border guard's claim that "you have to be American or Canadian"? Explain how the following two quotes are related: "You would expect Sweetgrass, which is a nice name and... more


In "Al Capone Does my Shirts" by Gennifer Choldenko, is Piper's scheme corruption?

In the novel, Al Capone Does my Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko, is Piper's Scheme considered a type of corruption? Also, is Moose getting popularity also a type of corruption? If not, what other 3... more

The world's population is currently 2. If the population doubles every 39 years, what will the population be 15000 years from now?

Hello all. I am writing a fantasy novel and need to calculate population growth for realism purposes. There was another person that asked a similar question on a smaller scale, so I was plugging in... more


In the novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton...

What's Ponyboy's plan for sharing his wisdom with others? Think of what he ends up doing for his English assignment and how this is a reflection of his transformation.


Is there a standardized size for Books?

I noticed that my softcover/paperback books are all roughly the same size, but have slight differences.Are there standardized sizes (and are they different between US and Europe, just as US Letter... more


What is a good methodology for researching a historical novel?

I'm having difficulty with the research aspect of my historical novel. This question was originally going to be "how much research should one do to write a historical novel?" to which, answering... more


Do publishers care if submitted work has already been copyrighted?

I'm getting ready to start submitting a book I've written. I copyrighted an earlier draft of it a few years ago (as in submitted it for official registered copyright). The final draft has not... more

InDesign: Faster way to resize image in frame?

I'm using Adobe InDesign (CC 2014) to layout a photo book. I've created a frame, and placed an image inside it. I want to resize the image and drag it around to frame it nicely.I know that you can... more


What is the difference between ISSN and ISBN?

Can anyone explain in layman's terms, using simple terminology, what exactly is the difference between ISSN and ISBN? There are lots of links on the internet, but they are complicated and use legal... more


How many errors per page volume is typically "okay" in a book?

Suppose I'm in charge of getting a three hundred page book published. I'll do all reasonable things to get it proofread, but still there is a chance that some errors will persist.Now the book goes... more

How can I trust that the proofreader and designer of a book will not plagiarize our work?

My friend and I are writing a book in English in the Electrical Engineering field. At this stage, we need someone to proofread our texts and also to design the layout of the book, so we will need... more


How am I going to write the next chapter? I'm stuck

Chapter one “Where are you?” resounded through the mansion’s hallways. Sabrina Woodall’s brow furrowed as she walked through the mansion. She called again but heard only her echo and the quietness... more


lennie and george are two opposite characters yet they compliment each other. do you agree?

this is from the book of mice and men and i need to write an essay on it. what are some key points that i can write paragraphs about?  


How did the geography of the Nile river valley lead to the growth of a civilization there

I want it to be for 6th grade reading 

What is your favorite dad joke?

Can everyone tell me their favorite dad joke? I'm making a dad joke book for Christmas.


in paragraphs 24-39, what is reveled about dee?

from the book "everyday use".
Book Agscience


RNA forms a blueprint for how an animal or plant is to be constructed

I need help so I asked this website for help because I am confused???????????????


Why in 19th century London did they use the word pray in sentences. Ex- Tell you what, pray?

I'm reading a story, and I see the main character referring to the female protagonist as 'pray'?  Ex- Tell you what, pray?


What is the Great Gatsby about? Can you give me a brief summary?

please help!! lot of info 

What is similarities between cool hand Luke and finny and what are differences.

This is a book I just read. Does anyone know the similarities and differences between cool hand Luke and finny in the movie "cool hand Luke"


what is the best book for a report?

Doing a report for class. the book is our choice. Fiction and at least 300 pages. school appropriate 

What are easy literary devices? (e.g. a cliffhanger)

I have to write some short stories which have literary devices, such as a cliffhanger, in them. Which literary devices are easy to write? 


The sum of page numbers on the facing pages of a book is 81. What are the page numbers on the left and what is the page numbers on the right?

The sum of page numbers on the facing pages of a book is 81. What are the page numbers?

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