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english language arts questions

why shouldn't you write the authors argument/purpose/perspective or rhetorical strategies or techniques in the passive voice?why wouldn't the sentence below be appropriate for the rhetorical... more


please write an essay about the question:

At the end of the novel, Scout says of Boo Radley, “...neighbors give in return, we never put back into the tree what we took out of it: we had given him nothing, and it made me sad” (320). Is... more


What should I use for supporting arguements in my paper?

My topic is: Should the government regulate the internet?My outline is:1st Arguement - Government Tranparency3 Arguements A) spread propaganda B) Limit access of information C) i dont know2nd... more


Can I use the word "I" in an argument essay if the prompt is asking what I would do in a situation?

The prompt for my essay states " Imagine you've been asked to host a leadership workshop for your workplace, division, or community group. How would you use the examples of leadership shown in this... more


Comparative Essay Question

Hi, So I'm writing a comparative essay. Does it make sense to use the block method over the point-by-point method? For my set of body paragraphs, the first one is the introduction of both topics... more
Essay English Work


does this argumentive essay look good? it is about euthanasia (the right to die)

 The argument I have picked is Euthanasia. An argument against the right to die. I don't see how my case proves against undoing attention. I do not draw any conclusion on the argument. The... more


What is the tragic form in Rebel without a Cause?

Rebel without a Cause (1955, Nicholas Ray), based on Arthur Miller's theory. Thank you :)

How do I know my college essay will positively impact my application?

First, be sure to absolutely answer the prompt. Students often go off on a tangent trying to provide positive information about themselves and it ends up not answering the question the admissions... more
Essay English


Having trouble with English paper

I am writing an essay on how technology is making us any more productive and I am having trouble with finding one more topic sentence on why I think the authors claim is not credible. I also am... more
Essay Writing


Long Quote question

I am currently writing an essay for my government class, I cited a long quote directly from an online article. Would I box the quote which is 68 words (4 lines)?


Is this sentence grammatically correct?

My little brother wrote an essay and sent it in to his school website. The essays are student-reviewed, and the girl who reviewed his essay claimed that the following sentence was a run-on... more


Essay help: Who’s Rights?

A digital war is upon us when it comes to copyright/trademark and privacy rights. Do you share files with a friend (P2P)--a favorite song, perhaps? Where do you draw the line? 75 characters


How do you check the use of strong transitions in an essay?

The use of transitions.


Writing Style and Usage

Is it OK to use the term, "etc." when writing lists of people?


Do writers write philosophical essays?

I'm son to two philosophers, and maybe this shaped too much my way of understanding the world. I think a lot, or maybe thinking means a lot to me. And, mainly, I think about art questions and art... more


Why does using this "-ing" verb construction make my writing weaker?

I had to write a scholarship essay, wherein I wrote this sentence:> Over the ensuing years I read as much as I could, *trying* to increase my knowledge and understanding of my own language.I... more


What is the most effective way to write a persuasive essay?

persuasive essay writing for college papers


Hi, How should I start my introduction for this essay question - what should I consider when laying out my intro

Q: Evaluate the view that the Tet Offensive was a victory for the United States and Republic of Vietnam


How do you write an essay?

Do you need to answer an essay question but you don't feel confident? There is an easy way. It's all about being clear and organized. I believe anyone can write a great essay with a few good tips... more


What are some tricks for managing debilitating writing anxiety/phobia?

For the past 4 years, I've developed a severe problem with writing anxiety. It's become so bad, that I had to drop out of my first university because I wasn't able to keep up with the course work.... more


What's a good theme I can form on identity/isolation of Ender In Ender's Game?

I asked my English teacher if an essay on loss of identity due to isolation is okay? What would make a good thesis? What are some good examples I can use in order to show how this can make an... more


What is the fine line between "confidence" and "presumption"?

I am about to apply to a grad school, and I have prepare the SOP for it (think it like a cover letter to apply to a job). I know the rule: show what I've got, not tell how I think I'm cool. I've... more

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