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i am doing A level English literature and i want to to know which is the best to learn the critical anthology

The exam board is edexcel and i am studying the tradegy critcal theories for Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare

Does this title make sense? Which one works best?

I am writing an essay regarding the topic of a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset. In the essay I explain how I am both. My question is : Does this title make sense ??? Which one works best ??? My... more

Research paper on single article, title page question.

I am writing a research paper on a single article from the internet. Should the title of my paper be the name of the article only? APA  My teacher requested the article title on the title page,... more

Is the dream of the rood considered a blank verse poem?

The question relates to whether it is considered one of the finest blank-verse poems (true or false). However, I am not sure if it is a blank-verse poem at all. Thanks for any help!

Where have you been all those years?

Me and my friend catching up after 2 years. So, is it correct grammatically to ask? "Where have you been all those years"?

What are the examples of socio-political issues?

Is poverty considered a socio-political issue?

I need help finding cultural evidence in the book Norwegian Wood.

So I am supposed to read the book Norwegian Wood, which I did and figure out the culture that is depicted within the novel and compare it to my own. But the problem is I can't find specific culture... more

Which of the following is NOT a reason The Declaration of Independence states that the legislative branch is ineffective?

A. The king does not let officials pass laws. B. The king refused to agree to laws that were established for the good of the colonists. C. The king has officials that disagree with him removed. ... more

Which of the following was NOT a transgression the Declaration of Independence mentions the king committing?

A. Failing to provide a military presents. B. Denying a trial by jury. C. Preventing the colonies’ trade with other counties. D. Imposing taxes.

Why did the patriots include that Governments should not be overthrown for small disagreements

A. To show the steps of how to overthrow a government. B. To prevent people from overthrowing the new government they are forming. C. To explain why they waited so long before going forward with... more

The Renaissance was a time of​ _____.

In the midst of all this growth and change, of course, there was still fighting. Art was the glory of the age, but war was the harsh reality. Bronze might be used to make a beautiful statue or a... more

What’s the anology here? law is to order as knife is to ??


What would the analogy be for peak is to mountain as crest is to wave

What is the analogy here? 

What analogy would circle is to center as target is to bullseye be ?

It’s an analogy based questio 

Which information in a bibliographic citation can you use to determine if information is valid or not?

can u guys please help me answer this question

The area of a rectangular patio is 800 ft 2 . The patio’s length is twice its width. Find the dimensions of the patio.

Finding the are of the rectangle the length, and width of the dimensions to solve for the problems finding height or the weight.

What is the moral of 'My Greatest Olympic Prize' by Jesse Owens?

Pl give it in about 100-150 words. 

The reader can conclude that the speaker

“when my sins woke to shake me strong and when I face the certain grave it is my sins have made me brave in heaven beside the jasper sea the sins of Christ will pardon me” absolution by william... more

What is the underlying message in The Great Gatsby and give evidence? How does it relate to the American Dream?

I started my essay saying that the message was that the American Dream was unattainable. 

Review: word choice, grammar and organization.

I myself, as a creation of God is imperfect for I'm tainted by sins. I thought of a way to pay for my wrong-doings as well as to make my savior Jesus Christ proud. It is to help all the homeless... more
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