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American Literature


how does harriet stowe compare eliz, the black slave to a white women

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the representations of places in Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad

How can I write an essay under this title?Could u help me, please ?
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Why does Atticus admire Mrs. Dubose?

Scout and Jem hate Mrs. Dubose. They are afraid of her because she yells things at them and makes derogatory comments about their father when they walk by her house. After Jem cuts Mrs. Dubose's... more
American Literature


In depth Poetry question, need help ASAP

"Poetry" by Marianne Moore, "Ars Poetica" by Archibald MacLeish, and "Of Modern Poetry" by Wallace Stevens all share a common subject; poetry itself. Briefly describe how the subject of poetry is... more
American Literature


what beliefs, works and styles of the puritans are still evident in contemporary culture?

please help, i don’t understand this and would like to understand before my next class which is in an hour
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How does Morton view the Indians?

american literature 
American Literature


The examination of Sarah good

differences between summary and transcripts   
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What different effect is conveyed by the poem's focus upon a solitary bird?

Migrating birds usually travel in flocks and follow a leader. The poem I'm asking about is "To a Waterfowl" by William Cullen Byrant


how does Harper Lee use a young narrator to show that racism is taught not human nature?

I am writing an essay based on this thesis statement and I need help fully understanding it and finding examples from the text. To Kill A Mockingbird. this essay is due soon so a soon as possible... more
American Literature


In "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," Edwards presents God as a being who

A) continually redefines the rules of the universe B) enjoys human suffering and misery C) is often angry and vengeful D) easily forgives repentant sinners
American Literature


Argue the merits of franklin’s scheme for living a virtuous life

Argue the merits of franklin’s scheme for living a virtuous life
American Literature


What slavery law was established in 1857 by the Dred Scott Decision?

Slaves traveling in free states remain enslaved.Slaves traveling in free states are considered free citizens.Free states must provide settlements for runaway slaves.Proslavery states must provide... more
American Literature


What is the object of the preposition by means of?

Some activists for civil rights registered their feelings by means of protest.   civil rights A activists B feelings C  protest D
American Literature


Identify the helping verb or verbs in the sentence’s verb phrase.

I should have gone to the ice rink, but my mother needed help at home. 1.should2.should have3.have gone4.have
American Literature


What is the antecedent of the pronoun they?

English settlers built forts and towns, but they also established farms. 1.forts2.settlers3.towns4.farms
American Literature


Which words in the sentence are nouns?

English colonists often exchanged goods and knowledge with Native Americans.   a.colonists, often, knowledge, Native Americansb.English, colonists, exchanged, goodsc. colonists, goods, knowledge,... more
American Literature


Which underlined word is an indefinite pronoun?

I gave the information to her, but anyone could have copied it for himself.
American Literature


Which underlined word functions as a preposition in the sentence?

The speaker looked around, and then spoke with a thunderous voice.
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Why are Thomas Hooker's works important?

I'm doing an author's report on Thomas Hooker for my AP English 11 class. I understand why he's important and all, being the father of Democracy and founder of Connecticut, but I don't know how his... more

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