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Language Arts English Vocabulary


How can I improve an essay or make it more readable?

You may be wondering how to organize an essay better. You may be wondering to make it easier to understand and grade. You may already have a great essay, but simply want to make it outstanding. No... more
Language Arts English History


(Magna Carta) HELP ME!!! What category from the word bank goes with the paragraph?

ChurchFamily and PropertyTaxes and ServiceLegal MattersLocal GovernmentTowns and TradeEnforcement and Security(They can be used more than once) Heirs are to be married without... more
Language Arts Reading Writing


Important!! Please help.

When would an author use 1st person point of view instead of 3rd person point of view?
Language Arts English


What is the difference(if there is one) between Nullify and Abrogate?

Language Arts


How can I improve my student’s reading comprehension?

Language Arts


What does it mean when you asked to find the gist of a text?

Language Arts Math Science


What instrument is used to measure temperature

Language Arts English American History


Reflect and Analyze this quote: “You don’t see race. You just think you see race.” What is the meaning behind that quote?

Reflect and Analyze this quote: “You don’t see race. You just think you see race.”What is the meaning behind that quote?*This has to do with race and backgrounds and on how people view each other... more
Language Arts English Essay


In "Al Capone Does my Shirts" by Gennifer Choldenko, is Piper's scheme corruption?

In the novel, Al Capone Does my Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko, is Piper's Scheme considered a type of corruption? Also, is Moose getting popularity also a type of corruption? If not, what other 3... more
Language Arts English Writing


I need two supporting body paragraphs that support my thesis. Here's my introduction.

A principal at a Scottish school asks a student, "Awright, how come aren't ye sportin' yer kilt?" A boy wearing a skirt seems weird to people but it shouldn't. Boys should be able to wear a skirt... more
Language Arts English


isn't the simple subject of the sentence "The pack of wolves ran through the woods,"the word pack?

One of the Mr. Button worksheets says wolves is the simple subject, and my granddaughter's teacher said I was wrong in saying the simple subject is pack. Has something changed in our English... more
Language Arts English Poetry


 Is Poe’s “unity of effect” effective in “The Black Cat”?

 Is Poe’s “unity of effect” effective in “The Black Cat”? Possible thesis statement: Write a potential thesis statement. Remember, this is your “so what” of your essay. Topic Sentence 1: What... more
Language Arts Reading Literature


rewrite any paragraph in divergent that shows the narrators voice

Language Arts English Figurative Lanuage


What is this figurative language?

"It took some time to try to light the fire."-Simile-Metaphor-Personification-Onomatopoeia-Oxymoron-Idiom-Hyperbole-Allusion-Alliteration-Pun-Assonance-Synecdoche-Irony
Language Arts English


How can belonging to a gang fill the role of a family?

Based off of the New York Times article, "Bored, Broke, and Armed: Clues to Chicago’s Gang Violence".
Language Arts Writing Essay


What would be a thesis statement for an essay about how college is worth the cost?

I’m writing a essay on if college is worth the cost & i need help on my thesis :) .
Language Arts Linguistics


Cultural Language reflecting

The way we view the world is directly tied to the language we learn to describe it. What are some examples where language reflects culturally based perspectives
Language Arts English


Which of the following sentences is written in active voice?

Only minutes before class began, a math test was remembered by Tamil that he had.A math test was remembered by Tamil that he had only minutes before class began.That he had a math test was... more
Language Arts


Which two words have a negative connotation- wide, swarming, greasy, urged, plain ?

I would just like to know which two of those words have a negative connotation. 
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