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How can I help your child and meet their specific needs?

By this I mean, I want parents to explain how their child is unique. Every student needs different types of curriculum and tools to assist them while mastering new skills. I welcome as much... more
Organization Writing Essay Research


How do I write an essay/research paper?

What do I do first? How should my introduction be organized? How do I organize my paper? What is the difference between a topic sentence and a thesis statement? What should go in my conclusion? Do... more
Organization Reading Writing Essay


(Personal Essay) I need a important cause/problem/organazation that I could have a personal connection with

I need help ASAP for tommorow haha. So, Im confused what cause I could include in the personal essay, while having a personal connection with it. Our lesson example was : Cause- Cancer Personal... more


How to share the work, if writing fiction in a team?

How should one split up the work between two people? Should one write the even-numbered chapters and the other the odd-numbered? Does each person tell the story from the point of view of a... more
Organization Writing


How to write a novel if you only have five minutes here, ten minutes there to work on it?

I once read an interview with some Fantasy author, who told how she wrote her first novel in the breaks between classes when she was working as a teacher, because she couldn't write at home due to... more


Where do I start?

Let’s say I’ve created an outline, have explored my characters properly, and have properly broken down each scene to an appropriate level of detail. I know the story, I know the pacing, and I know... more
Organization English History Writing


What the heck is a thesis, anyway?

Here's the problem with the dictionary definition: it doesn't tell you how to write one. So, the real question isn't "What?" it's "How?"A thesis is an opinion that is arguable. In this case, it's... more


What are tips / techniques to manage the consistency of a plot encompassing several subplots ?

When I lay out a plot consisting of interwoven threads, one of the most annoying things is to manage effectively the factual, logical consistency of the whole.In order to be more effective and... more
Organization Speech


I am writing a persuasive speech on why Batman is better than Superman. How can I fit that topic in monroe's motivated sequence?

I don't know how to satisfy the need, satisfaction, and visualization stage. 

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