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What are the important characteristics of persuasive writing?

What is persuasive writing?Why do we need to learn persuasive writing skills?Where you need persuasive writing?How to compose a speech in persuasive writing style?
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How to avoid introduction cliches?

I'm writing a research paper in one of my math classes about the P vs NP problem. I feel the introduction to my paper sounds like a cliche. This is my intro:> In the field of mathematics, there... more
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How to write more clearly and with shorter sentences?

I struggle with writing an awful lot and would like to improve. One of my main problems (and the reason why writing seems to take me a very long time) is that I seem to be unable to write in... more
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How can I transition from academic writing to fiction writing?

I always receive the same critique when I write fiction. The critique is good for my characters and plot, but I am told that my writing style is stiff, awkward and amateurish. When I wrote... more
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Difference b/w Abstract and Introduction writing for a research paper?

I was slightly confused with differentiating Abstract and Introduction writing for a research paper. What is the difference between these sections? They seem to be similar.
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Academic books published by university presses: How much expertise do the editors have?

I'm talking about books on specific academic topic, e.g. history of the Aztecs before colonialism, which are published by [university presses]( like... more
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What are some tricks for managing debilitating writing anxiety/phobia?

For the past 4 years, I've developed a severe problem with writing anxiety. It's become so bad, that I had to drop out of my first university because I wasn't able to keep up with the course work.... more
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What is the fine line between "confidence" and "presumption"?

I am about to apply to a grad school, and I have prepare the SOP for it (think it like a cover letter to apply to a job). I know the rule: show what I've got, not tell how I think I'm cool. I've... more
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What is an APA-certified editor?

Is APA-certified editor an actual credential?If yes, is there a universally-accepted proof in the U.S. for that credential?I tried a web search on "how to become an APA-certified editor." I clicked... more
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How to write a good cover letter?

As I am applying for an internship in research labs writing a cover letter is the most important part while applying. I have gone through many websites regarding this, but I can't find the... more
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Writing succintly. Does it matter?

When I write school papers (Essays and projects) I try to make it as succint as possible. I'll say this is my preferred style of writing. Compared to other students that like writing explicit... more
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What is the guide for writing essay for a people who cannot even write a paragraph?

I have already searched any tips about writing essay and paper, and it still abstract tips like researching, creating your own thesis statement, and so on. I even cannot create a good paragraph. So... more
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Is using first person in academic/technical essays always bad?

For as long as I can remember, my teachers have taught me never to use first person in an essay. Yet, some of the examples we read in classes, or older writings we have to annotate, are written in... more
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How do I escape my own experience?

When writing academic text, you're often in the position of having to write introductory or explanatory material for your audience. Usually you write this kind of material after you've explored the... more
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How do you construct a thesis statement?

I have read any essay making tips and they said that the thesis statement is key to the thesis. So I tried to make one based on a question.So assume question like this:**Overpopulation of urban... more
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What are four ways college increases social life?

I need four ways college increases social life that is phrased so it can be used in an academic paper. Sentence Requirements: -Sentences 1, 2, 3, and 4 should be about Sentence A (how college... more

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