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How can I work faster in Pro Tools

Pro Tools can be a challenge to set up all the routings of the tracks. How can one work quickly and not lose the spark of creativity in the moment?
Music Production


What are these vintage vocal FX?

I have two songs that I want to understand how the vocals were done.Is this ADT? Stevie Wonder - Happier Than The Morning SunI understand there are actual double tracked voices occurring but there... more
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How do I mix a song to compete with everything currently on the radio?

Meeting the sound demands of today's top hits can be tough. I have a proven way to meet those demands, so that songwriting can be of the utmost importance.
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How should I use EQ on my lead vocal?

Music Production Recording Mixing


How do I get a professional quality vocal recording in a home studio?

Music Production


i need help with something beat production wise..

i dont know if i want to spend $500 to get the omnisphere 2.6 power synth or if i want to get the akai advance 49 midi controller, which is also $500.
Music Production


How do I become a successful music producer?

What are the ins and outs of becoming a music producer and what can I do now to get started?


What is the best DAW to use for home recording?

DAW stands for Digital Audio Workspace. Popular DAWs include Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, FL Studio, and Ableton.
Music Production


Ableton: multiple sample slices mapped on a Push 2

running Ableton X on Mac laptop, with Push 2.I want to be able to have the ability to drop up to 8 samples, slice them into 8 slices, and have them mapped on a Push 2. Add capabilities to... more
Music Production


Sound effect name

Hello, I don't know what kind of questions people can ask here, but I'd like to ask if someone knows about a sound effect, if it comes from a movie, video or something?Here's the url so you can... more


How do I get my drums to sound punchy?

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What's the difference between Audio and MIDI?

Music Production Ableton Live Audio Engineering


How do I add an audio track in Ableton?

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Windows Garageband equivalent?

<!--I'm surprised that this isn't a duplicate--> Required -------- * Record MIDI input from physical MIDI instruments * Use MIDI instruments * Export to mp3 or other common audio format ... more
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Download recordings

I want to download my recordings to use offline. Is there a way I can do that?
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Home-made speaker cracks when bass is played loudly

I made this "boombox" type speaker about a year ago and it always crackles at loud volumes during bassy parts of the song. The boombox consists of 2 JBL CLUB6520 6.5" 300W Club Series 2-Way Coaxial... more
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What do you guys prefer between Audio-Technica or RØDE?

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Is LANDR suitable for mastering orchestral music?

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What does it mean to "EQ out frequency clash"?

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How would you describe audio mastering to a layperson?

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How can I export a song sound naturally with a MIDI file?

Music Production


What does it mean when a song is produced by someone?

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