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Can anyone learn to write music?


What kind of experience do you have in Music Production?

Coordinating the redesign of the sound program in the Kathrine G. Mcgovern College of The Arts at University of Houston, I have instructed the class, Sound Art, as a teaching assistant and... more
Music Production Songwriting


Which DAW should I use for music production, sound design, and mixing?

I get asked this question all the time, and I answered it on another platform so I will paste that here for reference.It's been said before there is no right answer on which DAW is "best", but I... more
Music Production


Beginners level inquiry

For someone who has a passion for music but has little to no knowledge of music production, would you take the time to teach them?
Music Production Music


13 songs charging 325$ in 20 minutes in 10 hours time frame

If I did a whole album of 13 songs in 20 minutes charging 325$ All the way up to 10 hours how much money will I earn
Music Production


How to best mic a room for virtual conferencing

I need to mic a Room for Zoom.Before:We were using multiple cardioid microphones connected to different computers and 1x speakers for audio but we were getting feedback and could increase the... more
Music Production


Is it my mixer or my DAW?

Hello. My name is Terrence McWilliams and I am trying to solve technical problems I am having with my home studio. I was looking for a place to get tech support when I found Wyzant. Maybe a tutor... more
Music Production Composition (music)


ProTools and creating project in MIDI form, then to WAV for final production..., is it possible?

I have a Dell XPS8930 PC and no other "gadgets"... and am contemplating transitioning to ProTools from "old" Sonar 4 software. (Yeah..., you read that right.). I do have 5 music releases, but... more
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Where can I mashup and edit 2 famous songs together?

I am trying to mashup 2 famous songs. 1) Louis Armstrong- what a wonderful world 2) Etta James - at last I want to mash these songs together to create and play as a processional song as I walk down... more
Music Production


What do I need to start my journey as a producer ?

We all feel like there's a lot of equipment that we need to buy or a laptop/desktop that should have insane processing power. So questions like what would be an entry level interface, midi... more
Music Production Music Beats


where do I start to become a music producer/beat maker?

I want to be a producer/beat maker but I have no idea where to start.


What is the musical instrument being used in this song? (Not referring to the drums/percussion, or bass instruments) And if the sound was made electronically, what do I do to make it?

I am trying to find this instrument being used so I can create an isolated remake of it without the other instruments since I couldn't find any good acapellas. I feel like it might be a stringed or... more
Music Production Music General Music Music Theory


How do you write good melody lines?

I make pop songs. I want to know more about what's the best way to write good melody lines during the verses, pre-choruses and choruses? What is a good rhyming scheme?
Music Production


What is the difference between a sub and an 808?

While fundamentally different because of each of their origins, they are confused with one another because of their effects while operating in the low end of popular music. Subs derive from low,... more
Music Production


Can You Show Practically - How Does a Layman Make Music on a Computer?

Can You Show Practically - How Does a Layman Make Music on a Computer?
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How do I create depth in a mix?

Music Production Songwriting Pro Tools


How can I work faster in Pro Tools

Pro Tools can be a challenge to set up all the routings of the tracks. How can one work quickly and not lose the spark of creativity in the moment?
Music Production


What are these vintage vocal FX?

I have two songs that I want to understand how the vocals were done.Is this ADT? Stevie Wonder - Happier Than The Morning SunI understand there are actual double tracked voices occurring but there... more
Music Production Songwriting


How do I mix a song to compete with everything currently on the radio?

Meeting the sound demands of today's top hits can be tough. I have a proven way to meet those demands, so that songwriting can be of the utmost importance.
Music Production Music


How should I use EQ on my lead vocal?

Music Production Recording Mixing


How do I get a professional quality vocal recording in a home studio?

Music Production


i need help with something beat production wise..

i dont know if i want to spend $500 to get the omnisphere 2.6 power synth or if i want to get the akai advance 49 midi controller, which is also $500.
Music Production


How do I become a successful music producer?

What are the ins and outs of becoming a music producer and what can I do now to get started?


What is the best DAW to use for home recording?

DAW stands for Digital Audio Workspace. Popular DAWs include Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, FL Studio, and Ableton.

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