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Can learning Spanish be fun?

I took Spanish in High School many years ago. I was forced to take a language for 2 years, so I chose Spanish. I heard it was easier than French or Latin. So, I took Spanish and did awful in... more

How long did it take for a diplomat to travel between Berlin and Vienna in the 1770's?

I was reading the Wikipedia entry for [the War of the Bavarian Succession](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_of_the_Bavarian_Succession), and it said (my emphasis): > For some historians, the... more


Was America discovered before Columbus arrived?

It is so wonderful to imagine how much adventure has been had in this world!


Travel time question

A train leaves Roseville heading east at 6:00 am at 40 miles per hour. Another eastbound train leaves on a parallel track at 7:00 am at 50 miles per hour. What time will it be when the two trains... more


if i stayed at 195 places in 365 days how many days would i stay at each place

if i stayed at 195 places in 365 days how many days would i stay at each place
Travel Costa Rica


which catamaran tour is best in costa rica?

Sunset and Morning which best tour


30 day tourist in France getting visa

Hi! So i was wondering, im suprising my lover with a trip to france soon. My general plan is to get a French tourist visa [which lets you stay for 6 months? yes or no?]  And have my boyfriend come... more


How far will it travel along the horizontal surface before it stops?

A 3.2 kg crates slides along a 6.0 m horizontal surface with speed of 5.0m/s. It then moves down along an incline with a lenth 6.0m and a height from the ground of 4.5 mand then along a second,... more


Driving from Texas to California The total mileage estimate please

    driving from Texas to California and a 2016 Scicon car putting $20 in gas for feel driving 1000 and 200 something miles what would be the total estimate please


How far would the student travel in 39 days?

a student traveled 178 km in 13 days. at the same ratio, how far would the student travel in 39 days?


60 miles away travelling 40mph how long will it take to get to destination?

60 miles away travelling 40mph how long will it take to get to destination?


How fast were they traveling?

A group of people departs at 11:00AM. They travel 3.5 miles and reach their destination at1:00PM. How fast were they traveling?


can you help me set up the problem in the description box so I can solve for my speed

An airplane takes 3 hours to travel a distance of 1800 miles with the wind. The return trip takes 4 hours against the wind. Find the speed of the plane in still air and the speed of the wind.


can you help?

A boat travels 50 mph more than 3 times the speed of a fish. If the boat can travel 505 miles in the same amount of time the fish can travel 35 miles, how fast is east going?


Can you work and live in the UK with a US medical degree?

I'm trying to decide how I should go about living in Scotland. I want to know that if I move to Scotland after graduating med school in the US I would be able to work and it wouldn't be a waste.... more


I need help showing the work to solve this problem

A plane left New York and flew toward the airshow at an average speed of 196 mph. a cargo plane left three hours later and flew in the same direction but with average speed of 490 mph. Find the... more


Independent and dependent variables

Sam rented a car for a week, drove 580 miles, and paid $327. Eliza rented a car for a week, drove 305 miles, and paid $217. Both friends mentioned that there was a rental fee for the car and an... more
Travel Time


Lisa runs 1.2 miles in 1.5 hours and Bart runs 1/2 mile in 40 minutes

I need the answer ASAP thank you


Rational Equations

After cycling at a steady rate for 60 miles, Cecil had a flat tire. He walked 8 miles to a repair shop. Cecil's cycling rate was 3 times faster than this walking rate. If the time spent cycling and... more
Travel Time Distance


how far away live from the mountains?

trip took 6 hours. there was no traffic and the trip only took 4 hours. average rate was 22 miles per hour faster on the trip home, how far away live from the mountains?   Do not do any rounding.


1 boat travels east at 12 mph. The other boat travels northeast at 16 mph. How far apart will they be after 2 hours?

The boats travel on the same course the entire time.

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