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Common Core


How to determine whether 761 is a prime number?

A prime number is a number that has only two factors, 1 and itself.How to effectively determine 761 is a prime number? In other word, How to proof number 761 can not be divided by any number from 2... more

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Common Core Math English


How long does it take to get approved?

I applied almost a week ago, how long does it take to get approved? I want to start applying for jobs.
Common Core


Can you delete questions off of Wyzant?

Common Core Math Algebra 1 Algebra


what does x+(2×8)-2=4

x+(2×8)-2=4 can someone teach me?!?


Please answer quickly

In my bag 1/3 of the quarters is the same as 2/5 of the dimes. I have 8 more quarters than dimes. How many coins do i have
Common Core Basic Math


John simplified the expression below incorrectly. Shown below are the steps that John took. Identify and explain the error in John’s work.

3 + (-15) ÷ (3) + (-8)(2) −12 ÷ (3) + (−8)(2) -4 + 16 12
Common Core Math Algebra 1


State The Translation!

1; g(x)=2f(x)+32: g(x)=1/2f(x+4) 3: g(x)=f(x-2)+54: g(x)=f(x)+15: g(x)=-4f(x)-86: g(x)=1/4f(x+2)-3
Common Core


8 groups of 5 Math Common core

Write a problem that can be solved by finding 8 groups of 5. Write a multiplication sentence to solve the problem. Then solve.
Common Core Interpret Remainder


2.7 common core

Jenny has 220 ounces of cleaning solution that she wants to divide equally among 12 large containers. How much cleaning solution should she put in each container?
Common Core Elementary Math


What's the point of Common Core math? Why is it so confusing?

When I get this question, typically parents are frustrated with the non-traditional math methods. Sadly, the point of these non-traditional approaches to math is frequently not understood by the... more


if n(a)=24.......If n(A)=10

a. if n(a)=24n(b)=10n(aUb)=28what do you think about n(A n B)8b. If n(A)=10n(B)=18n(A∪B)=2what do you think about n(a U b)
Common Core


One pound is equal to 16 oz. How many ounces is 12is 12lbs

Common Core Math Prealgebra


Help me with my math question pls

Jose can sweep 1/2 of a square yard in 2/3 of an hour. What is his speed in terms of square yards per hour?
Common Core Elementary Math


4th grade common core math

Which which number has a 6 that represents a value 10 times greater than the value represented by the 6 in 16523?

I really don't get the terminology used on our kids these days. Terms like "slow" and low-functioning are so are so dinosaur age.

I heard the terms slow and low-functioning so much it makes me sick. I teach kids that have learning differences. .Despite being behind and to others low functioning, these children are bright and... more
Common Core Prealgebra


I need some help on this question

The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 56.5. The width is X, and the length is 25 ft. What is the width, in feet, of the garden
Common Core


What’s the solution of 12(x+1)=36

need to solve a real world problem

Sally and her friend went to a restruant for dinner. The food total before tax and tip was $27. The tax rate is 8.9%. Sally also wants to add a 15% tip for excellent service before tax. how much is... more
Common Core Elementary Math


90 ones is how many tens = how many ones

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