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Prove NP-Completeness of a Problem (Complexity Theory)

INPUT: A boolean formula F in CNF and a positive integer k.OUTPUT: Decide if we can delete k clauses from F such that the resulting CNF is satisfiable.

What is this ansewer

what is 1x1x64x1200000x14/85 + 600000+

Write a program that first invites the user to input a natural number n. Then compute the nth number in the sequence (x subscript n) and display it appropriately to the user.

The sequence xn is defined, for n > 2, by the recursive formulaxn = 2xn - 1 + xn - 2 where x1 = 2 and x2 = 3.Write a program that first invites the user to input a natural number n. Then compute... more


i need help please

Newton's law of cooling.dT/dt=−K(T−Ta)Resolve this ODE using the scipy library.

How much do CPU Instruction Sets vary from each other?

Meaning if I take two random CPU instruction sets, how similar would they be to each other in the sense of the kinds of commands they take. As in, do they call the same set of instructions (add,... more

general coding question

What is the difference between int[] and int[][] when using an array in java?thanks

Help needed with understanding a problem

Given int[][] myVals ={{2, 4, 6, 8}, {20, 40, 60, 80}};Using the above 2d vector, what is the value of myVals[1][2]?The answer is 60. Can someone explain to me why?Thanks

Max Flow Min Cut Question

Hello!I'm trying to prove that for any given edge along a minimum cut in a flow network, the capacity of that edge is equal to the flow along that edge. Basically, if you take any edge on a minimum... more

Need help with coding

We need to create a java program with the name “TheDotProduct2D.java”. This program will transpose a two-dimensional vector (array) using nested loops. Once transpose has occurred, the original... more

C++ coding for BMI Calculator

can anyone fix this?...im having some error in this c++ code.#include <iostream>#include <string>using namespace std;class Person{ public: string name; int age; float weight; float... more

Programming Python Question

Write a program that takes the NAS website url:  http://www.nasonline.org, downloads the HTML document, and decodes it into a string. Create a list of the topics under review which... more

Please create a flowchart that will arrange these variables from highest to lowest

Create a flowchart that will arrange the values of variables F = 38, S = 13, U= 592 ,W 134, V=757 from highest to lowest order


Hoare logic rules

using repeated addition, where a and b are any two arbitrary numbers. Prove the program is correct using Hoare logic inference rules (precondition and postcondition have been given).{b>=0}x:=... more

Computer Networking - Subnetting

An ISP is granted a block of addresses starting with (65,536 addresses). The ISP needs to distribute these addresses to three groups of customers as follows: a. The first group has... more

IP Address - Subnetting

A block of addresses is granted to a small organization. We know that one of the addresses is (i) What is the first address in the block?(ii) What is the last address in the block?... more

please can you check my answers to these questions regarding RStudio?

Which of the following must be part of each layer in a ggplot2 object? There may be more than one correct answer. limits grouping variable(s) facet tick aesthetic... more

how is this done??

Write a complete C++ command to implement a "Sum of Numbers in Range" (sonir) program. Place all your code inside the main() routine; do not write any extra user-defined functions. To minimize your... more


What are the mistakes in this code, using R studio?

 the statistician decides to use the processed dataset to calculate the mean DNA damage for each combination of conditions defined by cancer cell line, anti-cancer agent and concentration. There... more
Computer Python


Programing Python 2D Array

Write a program that creates a 4 x 5 array called numbers. The elements in your array should all be random numbers between -30 and 30, inclusive. Then, print the array as a grid.For instance, the 2... more

Write an SQL script to create a table called users in a database

Write an SQL script to create a table called users in a database, with the following fields (assume the specific database has already been accessed) a.id, which is the primary key and value is... more

Please help me quick

Ahmed is trying to describe an object-oriented concept to his friend. He says that the concept is kind of like how a mother bird lays eggs in a nest, safely hidden from the outside world. Which... more

Which of the following statements is false?

Which of the following statements is false?1.There are both advantages and disadvantages to the increase of technology in our lives. 2.Software allows us to be more efficient.3.People can use... more

Which of the following function definitions contains an error?

Which of the following function definitions contains an error?Group of answer choices1.def area(length, width):2.Def area(length, width):3.def Area(length, width):4.def area():

Noah is creating a startup. He uses the website Upwork to hire freelancers in India and in the Ukraine to work for him. This is an example of:

Noah is creating a startup. He uses the website Upwork to hire freelancers in India and in the Ukraine to work for him. This is an example... more

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