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Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd) Anxiety Adhd


Does my student require a diagnosis of ADHD, ASD or Anxiety?

No! Students without official medical diagnosis still need support in and out of the classroom! A diagnosis comes in handy when discussing options with the school and creating and IEP, but my... more
Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd)


Do you serve children with autism?

No. I serve adults or seniors.
Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd) Science Statistics Anatomy


Anatomy and physiology

In 2006, what region in the U.S had the highest incidence rate of colorectal cancer? Why do you think this was?
Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd)


Hong bought 28 pounds of rice for $12. How many dollars did he pay per pound of rice

Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd)


how to change message and resend to tutor

would like to know how to change the time and day previously requested and resend to tutor
Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd) Special Needs Homeschool Covid 19


How can I best help my Special Needs student while homeschooling this year?

Need help developing routines, schedule, and curriculum for my special education student who is homeschooling this year due to COVID-19
Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd) Language Autism Echolalia


Echolalia (TV Talk)... What's the best way to help kids with autism move away from echoing what they hear and start using novel speech?

For many years, echolalia (echoing the speech of others) was something that psychologists tried to stomp out -- some specialists even recommended things like clapping loudly in the child's face or... more
Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd)


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Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd) Special Needs Add/adhd Dyslexia


Why is ONLINE tutoring especially great for SPED learners?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd) Special Needs Dyslexia


What is an ARD?

A special meeting used in public schools that is conducted annually to evaluate and plan for an educational program for all students with certain deficits.
Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd) English Special Needs Reading


What things should I look for in choosing a tutor for my son?

Sometimes a parent has a hard time in choosing the right tutor for their child from a list of possibilities. There are several qualities I believe should be taken in consideration.
Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd) English Language History


How did the Spanish language develop?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd)


What are the CEC Standards?

CEC is the Council of Exceptional Students. These Standards are for the initial practitioner knowledge and skills in Developmental Disabilities and Autism. There are 8 standards,
Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd)


Who Creates a treatment plan ?

A) BCBA B) Parent C) RBT D) Doctor

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