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In Act 1 Scene 4, Anne begins to wrestle with the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Write a short TDA response (1 complete paragraph) analyzing how the author uses questioning techniques between Anne and her parents to emphasize her growing struggle with identity. Consider the... more


Road to English fluency for advanced speakers?

I have been learning English all my life. I have been in the US for three years. I consider myself an advanced English speaker. There are many resources on the internet that are geared towards... more
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How to write this kind of sentence for a distinguished lecture series?

I work in a Chinese university and recently our department has decided to start a Distinguished Lecture Series in Physics. We want to give the invited speaker some kind of document showing that,... more


I will learn better English -- should it be "I will learn English better."?

Somehow, I think "better English" is incorrect, because I think there isn't better English; English is English. But I hear this phrase from other ESL students a lot. Is this correct way of saying... more

How to correct/improve 's-' pronunciation at the beginning of a sentence?

As a native Spanish speaker, I tend to mispronounce some letters or words in English. One of them is the 's' sound at the beginning of a word, for example, I pronounce: - 'slang' as /eslaŋ/... more
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Does the phrase “I see” usually have negative inclination?

During conversations I noticed people respond “I see”. What exactly “I see” means? I feel that it is quite loaded response and could mean either of the following items: - I understand your... more


"Mr. Cattanzara spread the rumor and thus, George gained respect from the neighbors." Is it supposed to be "...had spread..."?

ESL finals in 10 days, and I could really use some help right now so any response is much appreciated! Have a nice day :)


any special techniques or advice on how to tutor students ESL

I would like to know if anyone can make suggestions on tutoring students where ESL Thanks


simple adjective versus prepositional phrases

In English, how do I know when to use a possessive adjective before the noun and when to put that adjective into a prepositional phrase. For example, the library books, the sound of her voice.asi

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