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Connotation English Books Meaning


What are the connotations of a "foot-washing baptist"?

In the book, *To Kill a Mockingbird*, the foot-washing baptists seem to be painted by Miss Maudie to be evil and to have a strict adherence to the "cleanliness of the soul." When Scout asks Miss... more
Connotation Esl/esol Esl Greetings


What are the connotations of "there" in "hello/hi there"?

I'm an ESL speaker and I'm not completely familiar with the underlying meaning conveyed when adding *there* to a greeting such as > Hello there compared to just > Hello (punctuation... more
Connotation German Meaning


Is "selbstbewusst" a negative word?

Sometimes I see translations of *selbstbewusst* as *confident*, *arrogant* or *selfish*. I would like to know if this word has a negative or positive denotation. If I call someone of... more


To a degree vs. "to an extent"?

Is there a measurable difference in meaning between the phrases "to a degree" and "to an extent" (or "to some degree" and "to some extent")?Examples: * To [some degree / some extent] that is a... more


I need help with Literary terms?

I need help a song,and song line for each literary term:elegy,ballad,allusion,satire,and connotation.

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