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Is it grammatical to introduce a result clause using “then”?

Is it grammatical to introduce a result clause by using *then* as in these examples: * Don’t be lazy – *then* you will fail. * Don’t kill him – *then* you will regret it. If so, then is the *then*... more
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Differences among -たら、なら、-んだったら、-えば, etc?

Japanese language has a lot of patterns for "if" clauses. What are the differences among the following patterns and how do we choose to use one over the others?: - 行くと - 行ったら - 行くなら - 行けば -... more
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Can "would" be used twice in an English conditional sentence and still be grammatical?

I know how conditional *if* clause sentences work. I'm aware of the rules which I have to follow. However, I sometimes use *would* after *would* which of course is incorrect in terms of grammar.... more


How do you say "if and only if" in Japanese?

I would like to know how to express mandatory conditions in Japanese. Since Japanese distinguishes between different types of languages, I should probably ask more precisely: What is the right way... more
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Is it ever right to use ば conditional to mean 'when'?

> 「だっ大丈夫よ、まるちゃんだってわたしたちのタイプだと思うよ、ねぇ」ととし子ちゃんが**なぐさめれば**、「そうだよ。さくらはぼくらの方の仲間だよ」と長山君が笑顔で言い、「そうよ」とたまちゃんが優しくうなずく。 > *(When?)* Toshiko comforted her, saying, "It's alright. I think Maru is our kind... more
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Is there a way to understand material implication without truth-tables?

I understand how, given the truth-functional definition of the conditional, any sentence of the formIf P then Q is truth-functionally equivalent to Either not-P or QOr, to put it symbolically:  P →... more
Conditionals Esl/esol Esl Differences


Mixed conditional clause type 1-3?

I came across the following conditional clause while studying a grammar book published by Oxford: "If you know London so well, you shouldn't have got so hopelessly lost." The writer of the book... more


Should these two sentences be first or second conditional?

Hi, I would like to know of a good way to differentiate when to use first or second conditional in this sort of fill-in-the-blanks activity as both conditionals seem to be viable. 1.... more

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