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Asked • 03/28/19

Mixed conditional clause type 1-3?

I came across the following conditional clause while studying a grammar book published by Oxford: "If you know London so well, you shouldn't have got so hopelessly lost." The writer of the book has only briefly mentioned that this is a mixed conditional clause (type 1-3) without giving any further explanation in what situation it can be used. I'm already familiar with two other types of mixed conditional clauses (type 2-3 and type 3-2) and have no problem understanding them but this one is causing me some trouble. I need your help. Thanks.

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Warren W. answered • 03/28/19

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Ellen W.

This is a mixed conditional because it includes a present verb phrase with a past verb phrase to talk about an unreal situation. If you know London so well (present) / you shouldn't have got so hopelessly lost (past). But the reality is that you don't know London very well so you got lost. As Warren also mentioned, "Have got" also sounds strange. However, this is a matter of style as "have got" is the dominant usage in UK English but "have gotten" is dominant in US English.


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