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how to produce pharyngeal sounds?

i just started self-studying arabic and i'm having trouble producing some of the sounds, specifically ض (ḍad), ظ (ẓa), ص (ṣad) and ط (ṭa). all four are pharyngealized fricatives/plosives and... more


Connected speech resources?

I am very interested in British pronunciation, so I am looking for resources about connected speech and IPA in general. The ideal would be a book with the transcription of dialogues or just... more


Is it technically incorrect to speak English using speech sounds of native language(which is not English)?

Consonants "t" and "p" are not unvoiced in my native language, which is Hindi. So I pronounce "Paint" with voiced "p" and "t", is it technically correct? It is acceptable, I know. But is it correct?

Egyptian Arabic to IPA conversion?

I am trying to transcript some text from Egyptian Arabic to IPA, but I can't seem to find an Egyptian Arabic dictionary with IPA transcription, an automatic transcriptor, or even comprehensive... more
Ipa Arabic


The most relative for ə sound in Arabic?

The IPA for "man" in American English is mən. Arabic, however, doesn't have the vowel sound ə. So, what's the most related sound in Arabic? I know there are some short vowels (Harakat) but I don't... more

Different pronunciations of "-ead"/"-ed"/"-aid" words?

I find that American/British English dialects tend to pronounce words like "*bed*", "*red*", "*dead*", "*bred*", "*said*", etc. with the exact same vowel sound: the IPA **ɛ** vowel (- and so this... more


Rules for pronunciation from spelling?

Is there a kind of list of rules that one could rely on for the pronunciation while reading?I'm quite sure there's some kind of rule that explain how to properly read english. It often happens when... more

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