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what are the main concepts raised by the text in The Death of the author by Roland Barthes?

What are the key concepts and the hierarchy of ideas mentioned in the essay of death of the author by Roland Barthes.


How do speech writers find the contents that make their speeches so impressive?

I wonder, when I hear JFK, Obama, Lincoln, Gandhi, Modi. The sentences, phrases in their speeches are so impressive. The content of their speeches are wonderful. I desire to be a successful orator... more


Is there any difference between deputies & lawmakers?

As a non-native speaker quite often I get in trouble with slight differences between concepts. So, regarding to this doubt I think both of them are used to express the same thing but I'm not sure... more
Concept Math Algebra Formula


How would you find profit based on seeds per acre and seeds per pound?

We are doing a project and would like to make the most profit from our product. Our product is a new type of seed for farmers. Our price is set at $150 per one pound of seeds. Therefore, we would... more


The meaning of the center in Statistics

Hi all,   I have a question about Statistics. I've just recently started studying AP Statistics and am wondering exactly what the center of a distribution represents. And what does it mean when... more


I need help in math :/

What is a math concept or principle? 

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