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How Austrian differs from German in pronunciation

What are the most prominent differences in German and Austrian pronunciation?
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Do you need to boost grades and build confidence to speak Spanish?

Learn from real world situations with the help of technology you have at home.
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Why do people think that only kids can learn new accents?

Most people incorrectly think that only children are capable of learning new sounds. It's true that children are able to pick up new sounds more naturally, but adults have similar capabilities. The... more


Why do English spelling and pronunciation make no sense?

As a non-native (second language) learner, I find English pronunciation so very difficult.Also, learning to spell - well, it seems like there are no rules.I am very frustrated. Why does English... more
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To improve my English accent, should I concentrate on consonants and vowels OR good intonation?

When native English speakers talk to each other, you would be surprised what helps them understand each other.
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Which pronunciation of 'either' is preferred?

I pronounce 'ei' in 'either' like in German (so, like 'I' in English). This is natural for me.But I've heard people pronouncing it as 'eee', so which version is correct? Or maybe both are correct?
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Why "who is" sounds "whiz"?

Please elaborate, when we say "who is", why does it sound "whiz"? Also one more example I would like to include: why "visit us" sounds "visi-tas"?
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Pronunciation of the word 'infantry'?

I didn't have any doubts about this word, because as I could see it is pronounced in both British and American variants as [ˈinfəntrē] - as it written - and I heard it in modern military usage... more
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Why is the pronunciation of academy and academic so different?

I know that the pronunciation of *academy* can be broken down into: a-cad-emy with the stress on **cad** While that of *academic* can be broken down into ac-a-dem-ic with the stress on the... more
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I know "of" sounds like "ov". Does "I've" sound like "If"?

I was studying connected speech and I read when we say for example >I've finished my homework we pronounce the *'ve* and *f* in *finished* as only one sound. Is it only in this case or... more
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Are some accents/dialects incorrect?

I may not be incorrect in my knowledge about speech, but Dialects or accents that drop sounds from words, syllables from words, or just completely change the sound from words are they correct? I... more
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How can I improve my pronunciation?

I've left high school and we don't study English at University and I feel that I haven't learnt to pronounce at all yet. What habits or routines can I do to speak better and fluent? Thank you so... more
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How can I improve my accent?

I can hear that I have some sort of non-native accent, but I just can't identify what's making me sound different. Is it the intonation and word stress? Are there certain words or sounds that I'm... more
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How important is accent for being understood in a given language?

When I learned English at school (in France), my teachers asked me to make effort to have an "England-like" pronunciation (which was difficult for me). Today, I use the English language for my... more
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Fun and enjoyable ways to practice pronunciation?

English is not my native language and I'm really proud of being able to write it quite well. I have lots of problems with pronunciation though. In Finnish most words are pronounced the same as they... more
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Prendere but tenere?

Could anyone refer me to a rule explaining why verbs ending with -ere have different stressed syllables? What I have understood so far is that I should look them up in the dictionary. Thank you
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difference of prononciation between both Koreas because of absence of 사이시옷 in North Korea?

In the question "Chronology of orthography before and after the separation of North and South Korea", MujjinGun has said that 사이시옷 is abolished by the last writing reform in North Korea. However, I... more
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When to use single (ㅅ) or double (ㅆ) consonants?

Is there a rule generally to help remember when we would write double consonants like ㅆ, ㄲ, ㄸ, ㅃ, ㅉ instead of single consonants like ㅅ? For example, remembering to write 땀 for sweat, and not 담. Is... more
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How to read aloud a sentence like 'In the year 18.. they decided to move to Bricktown'?

How to read aloud a sentence like 'In the year 18.. they decided to move to Bricktown'? Such sentences are common especially in Victorian literature.My only option is 'eighteen and something' but I... more
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English and French reading rules?

Lieutenant is a word of French origin, and it is read as /le**f**ˈtenənt/. I've never learnt French and I don't know anything about French reading rules, unfortunately. But I guess the English... more
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Is this letter ق pronounced almost same in Arabic and Persian?

In Persian langauge there are two letters which have same pronounciation when spelled with vowels, they are غ andق, in Arabic there is aslo a 'ق', i want to know do the two 'ق' have the same or... more
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Connected speech resources?

I am very interested in British pronunciation, so I am looking for resources about connected speech and IPA in general. The ideal would be a book with the transcription of dialogues or just... more
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How exactly do the sounds of Arabic "ﻕ" and Georgian "ყ" differ?

The Arabic letter `ﻕ` and the Georgian letter `ყ` are often described as being similar, also they are both transliterated using `q`.> ... the Georgian letter ყ is difficult for most Westerners... more
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Is there a strong correlation between speech rate and beat rate in English?

Can speech rate in English be reliably measured through the beat rate? Beat rate analysis is now pretty standard, and a plethora of algorithms can reliably measure beat rate — typically in beats... more
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How to write out dates correctly?

I have a document dated 05/05/2012. What should I say? > * Based on the document from 05 May. * Based on the document from 5th May. * Based on the document from 05 of May.

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