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How to prevent a sentence beginning with the word "The"?

I am writing a technical thesis and find myself using the word *the* an awful lot.Here are some examples (I spare the technical gibberish):> The main purpose of the presented applications is to... more
Definite Articles Grammar German Colloquial


Do I need to use a definite article?

Is this correct? > Ich freue mich, dass es Wochenende ist. Or should I say: > Ich freue mich, dass es *das* Wochenende ist. With or without the article? I have definitely heard the... more
Definite Articles Esl/esol Esl Articles


Use of the definite article "the" before "church"?

I was in a Teacher's selection for a school in my country, and one of the coordinators said that she heard a mistake from another teacher that was unacceptable. I tried to figure out why was that,... more


Are there any simple rules for choosing the definite vs. indefinite (vs. none) article?

I can’t for the life of me figure out where to use _a_ and where to use _the_ — and where there is no article at all. Is there a simple rule of thumb to memorize? The standard rule you always hear:... more
Definite Articles English Parallelism Meaning


Dropping the second "the" in sentences: the X and the Y vs. the X and Y?

Is there any difference between these two examples? 1. (Both) the Senate and the House of Representatives are legislative bodies. 2. (Both) the Senate and House of Representatives are legislative... more

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