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What does "It is always the heart that sees, before the head can see."- Thomas Carlyle mean?

I get too confused with this quote and what does it trying to convey, I somehow find it very similar to H. Jackson Brown's "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye", but I am not... more
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English Technical Writing and presentation Skills compulsory

for effective and persuasive messages, the AIDA plan is used. Write an example explaining the concept.


Reported speech

Mark: "Has the lesson started?"Mark asked me _________________________.my guess is: had the lesson started.Justin: What were you doing when I joined?Justin asked us_________________________my guess... more


How does the affair between John and Abigail in the Crucible affect the whole story? What would happen if there was no affair between them?

Please explain the question detailedly or a bit deeply for me.


Explain how John Proctor in The Crucible play is (or is not) a romantic hero. Why ?

Can you please provide some evidence from the crucible ^^


Help please! Thank you very much.

Should the Commonwealth of Massachusetts reinstate the death penalty or should the maximum punishment be life in prison?2 or 3 paragraph
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Help me analyze this poem in a paragraph!?

A Small Needful FactRoss GayIs that Eric Garner workedfor some time for the Parks and Rec.Horticultural Department, which means,perhaps, that with his very large hands,perhaps, in all likelihood,he... more
English act reading Science English Literature


Help me analyze this poem in a paragraph!!?

For What Binds UsJane HirshfieldThere are names for what binds us:strong forces, weak forces.Look around, you can see them:the skin that forms in a half-empty cup,nails rusting into the places they... more
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What is ironic in the words used by the narrator to describe the Summoner in “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales?

1)What is ironic in the words used by the narrator to describe the Summoner in “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales?You’d meet none better if you went to find one. / Why, he’d allow—just for a... more
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Of Plymouth Plantation Book

What are the relationship between the English people and the Native American people from the author’s William Bradford’s perspective. Consider how their relationship changes from the beginning of... more
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A few questions about English

Describe the time management strategies you use when given an oral presentation. What is one component of speaking that people need to remain mindful of when considering improving as a... more
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What are some examples of books or authors who, in the 19th century, started to move away from religious /morality themes ?

What was the start of the modern novel?


Write these quotes as reported speech

4. He said, "I ate too much pizza last night".5. He said, "I've just run five miles".6. He said, "I'm really tired now".7. He said, "I've had loads of schoolwork to do".8. She asked, "Do you... more


What is the answer to this question

What is wrong with this sentence?The new student is nearly seven-feet tall, I really hope he wants to join our basketball team.A. It’s a fragment B. It’s a run-onC. There’s a spelling mistake D.... more
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What are better adjectives for the word "great" that I can incorporate into both former papers and my daily speech?

The word great is an adjective that has two functions. It can either mean above average in intensity, amount or extent. Great can also mean above average in ability or quality. Here are some... more
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In Night by Eliezer Wiesel, how does his state of faith changes from the beginning, to the end?

Please make sure to also use textual evidence to support the answer, thank you.
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are there restrictions on the nationalities of tutors

Can Canadian citizens apply to tutor?
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Can you please correct my sentence?

As discussed with you on Email, we have configured system on theCloud and it is reachable now.Kindly let us know once the system: X is ready for the for the configurationso that we can perform the... more
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Which sentence is written correctly? A. Greg Innis, author of the bestselling novel Gathering Clouds, will be signing books here tomorrow.

Which sentence is written correctly?A. Greg Innis, author of the bestselling novel Gathering Clouds, will be signing books here tomorrow.B. Although he was an Englishman, Henry Hudson captained the... more


In Act 1 Scene 4, Anne begins to wrestle with the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Write a short TDA response (1 complete paragraph) analyzing how the author uses questioning techniques between Anne and her parents to emphasize her growing struggle with identity. Consider the... more
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Meaning and Summary of H. M. Tomlinson work"Bed-books and Night-lights"

Can someone help me what is the meaning and summary of this essay? I can't seem to find it on the internet. It is one of his famous works.Here are the comprehension questions 1. What were the... more

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