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Broken Shells Make Temple bells' meaning?

There is a great Irish song 'As I Rover Out'. The 'Omnia' band made a remake of this song called 'Who Are You?'The meaning of the certain sentence in this remake became a subject of discussion... more
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Is there any merit to "Angry 'on' you"?

Currently where I live there are almost ZERO English native speakers. I love that though. Not because I seek the attention of being the only native speaker around but because it gives me the... more


Barlow knife quote meaning in Mark Twain's Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

> True, the knife would not cut > anything, but it was a "sure-enough" Barlow, and there was > inconceivable grandeur in that - though where the Western boys ever > got the idea that... more
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how I can say I am dizzy in korean : 자꾸 어지러워?

I am a beginner in Korean and I just started learning one week ago. I am still in A1 and I want to say this in korean: **I am dizzy** I found this way: **자꾸 어지러워** and its pronunciation is : jakku... more
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더러 grammar in 알더러 새가 되라는 말처럼 어려울 수 있다 (translation)?

I get that "~라는 말처럼 어려울 수 있다" is "it's as hard as saying ~", but `더러` is something I've never encountered before. I'm not even sure what part of speech it is. I do well know that 알 is egg and 섀 is... more
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How to say "to" as a linking word between verbs in Korean?

I've been learning both English and Korean, and as I know, we can use "to" to link two verbs in English. Ex: > Alex is lost. We must go to find her. > I would like to invite Kim professor to... more
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I can't understand this expression?

A typical use of a function object is in writing callback functions. A callback in procedural languages, such as C, may be performed by using function pointers. Here is the sentence that confuses... more
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What is the difference between "excuse me" and "forgive me"?

I am hesitated when I use the sentence "forgive my fault, please." instead of "excuse me, please." because the word "forgive" has a religious theme and probably carries some additional meanings.... more
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Native English Translations that capture the intended emotion of "그래야 비로소"?

Please provide some translations (not literal) that capture the true spirit of > 그래야 비로소 [Google](https://translate.google.com/#auto/en/%EA%B7%B8%EB%9E%98%EC%95%BC%20%EB%B9%84%EB%A1%9C%EC%86%8C)... more

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