Asked • 03/18/19

Unclear translation; need help?

A while ago I asked the Galleria Borghese if I was allowed to film there, and they sent me this:> Gentilissimo, le comunico che sarà possibile scattare fotografie> durante la sua visita in Galleria, senza cavalletto e per esclusivo> uso personale. Non è altresì possibile filmare le sale e le opere> esposte. Rimango a disposizione per eventuali chiarimenti e le auguro> un buon soggiorno a Roma. CordialmenteNow, since I don't speak Italian, I used Google Translate on it, and it gave me this:> Dear, I inform you that you can take pictures during his visit to the> gallery, without a tripod and for personal use only. It is also not> possible to film the rooms and the works on display. I am available> for any questions and wish you a good stay in Rome. SincerelyThe actual question I asked concerned filming, and I still don't know if that is allowed because of that **"also"**, as the translation gives me no clue about what else is not possible.Can anyone tell me if I'm allowed to film there or not?

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