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Transliteration Arabic


How are the three phonetically distinct Arabic h's transcribed in English?

In Arabic we have three types of "h" sounds, as in the following list:- ح- خ- هI would like to know, which of these sounds is commonly transcribed as "kh" in English, and how are the other two "h"... more
Transliteration Arabic


How to transliterate the following Arabic letters in English?

I am interested in how to transcribe the following Arabic letters oh English. The letter "families" I Ann interested in are:- ع- غ- رand- ك- ق- ءI think one of the first two would be a "gh", but... more
Transliteration Arabic Greek Transcription


What is the difference between حَرَّمَ and نَهَى?

In the Qur'an, and throughout the hadith literature, there are numerous references to what is forbidden. However, I have noticed that what is often translated as the English word "forbade" seems... more


Would 동경 and 북경 be commonly understood as ways of saying 'Tokyo' and 'Beijing'?

As I understand it, 동경 and 북경 are the Korean pronunciations of the 한국어 forms of 'Tokyo' and 'Beijing'. However, the transliterations from English - 도쿄 and 베이징 - seem more common. My question: are... more
Transliteration Arabic Translation Dialects


fattha, qasra, damma in google arabic translate?

I am trying to learn Arabic using a combination of Arabic for Dummies (AFD) and Google Translate. AFD seems to use transliteration while Google uses actual script. However, there seem to be... more

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