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ive tried any times and got it wrong this is precalculus

On a circle of radius 10 feet, what angle would subtend an arc of length 2 feet?  ___ degrees

i dont know how to start this please help its precalculus

A small radio transmitter broadcasts in a 41 mile radius. If you drive along a straight line from a city 53 miles north of the transmitter to a second city 49 miles east of the transmitter, during... more

help im lost its due soon precalculus

Recall the equation for a circle with center (h,k) and radius r. At what point in the first quadrant does the line with equation y=2x+2 intersect the circle with radius 3 and center (0, 2)?x = y = 


1) Suppose you invest money in two accounts. One of the accounts pays 4% interest annually, and the other account pays 5% interest annually. You have $ 2000 more invested in the account paying 4%... more

this is due soon im lost its precaclulus

If ln x+ln(x−3)=ln(6x), then x=

if i got help on this ill really appricate it so much this is precalculus for my hw

Use the Laws of logarithms to rewrite the expressionlog 3(x^17 3√y^14)in a form with no logarithm of a product, quotient or power.After rewriting we havelog 3(x^17 3√y^14) = A log 3 x + B log 3... more

im trying to do this but i dont know where to start also its precalculus its due in a few hours

A roasted turkey is taken from an oven when its temperature has reached 185 Fahrenheit and is placed on a table in a room where the temperature is 75 Fahrenheit. Give answers accurate to at least 2... more

I need help its due soon please its precalculus

You go to the doctor and he gives you 15 milligrams of radioactive dye. After 16 minutes, 4.5 milligrams of dye remain in your system. To leave the doctor's office, you must pass through a... more

Context Inequality Systems

Claire has x dimes and y quarters, having at least 16 coins worth no more than $3 combined. No more than 22 of the coins are dimes and no more than 4 of the coins are quarters. Solve this system of... more

ive tried i dont know how to do this! please help its precalculus

A car was valued at $25,000 in the year 1994. The value depreciated to $12,000 by the year 2007.A) What was the annual rate of change between 1994 and 2007?r = __- Round the rate of decrease to 4... more

precalculus hw need help its due soon!

The fox population in a certain region has a continuous growth rate of 7 percent per year. It is estimated that the population in the year 2000 was 15000.(a) Find a function that models the... more

i dont undertsnad the steps for this precalulcus hw

A population of bacteria is growing according to the equation P(t)=800e^0.22t. Estimate when the population will exceed 2930.t=   Give your answer accurate to one decimal place.

Find a formula for the exponential function Subject precalculus help me please

Find a formula for the exponential function passing through the points ( − 2 , 2/9 ) and (1,6) f ( x ) =


TRIGONOMETRY, degrees and measurements

For safety reasons, the angle a ladder makes with the ground should be no greater than 66°. Find the length to the nearest foot of the shortest ladder that will safely reach a roof that is 25 feet... more

Geometry problem! Please help!

Please help!https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Aimw-q1YOsUCT4hQSZpnyTXErm00vkQA2nrnvMJhG-U/edit?usp=sharingWrite a 2-column proof justifying each step with a theorem or definition.

Geometry problem! Please Please Please help!!

The question and picture for my problem are in the link. Please help!!https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Aimw-q1YOsUCT4hQSZpnyTXErm00vkQA2nrnvMJhG-U/edit?usp=sharing

A radioactive substance decays from 85mg to 22.1mg in 25 years according to the exponential decay model y=ae-bx, where a is the initial amount and y is the amount remaining after years.  

A radioactive substance decays from 85mg to 22.1mg in 25 years according to the exponential decay model y=ae-bx, where a is the initial amount and y is the amount remaining after years. Find... more


Statistics Probability.

Every cereal box has a gift inside, but you cannot tell from the outside what the gift is. The store manager assured you that 16 of the 47 boxes on the shelf have a secret decoder ring. The other... more

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