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How to solve this math by k(x+h)-k(x)/h this formula?

Consider the piecewise functiong(x)={(1+x)4−1, if x≥0 sin(4x), if x<0.Discover whether g(x) is differentiable at x=0 using the limit definition of the derivative. Without carrying out any... more


Find the domain and range of x+1/x-2.


Need Help With Indices Math Question

Hi I need help with this question https://ibb.co/Jj7KrcKThis question is about indices, thank you very much!


What is the chances of getting a perfect score of 36 on the ACT when there is a 25% chance of getting 155 of them right and 20% chance of getting the other 60 right

So this is basically me wondering what the probability of getting a 36 on the ACT with completing guessing each and every problem. Just a curious question. Math has 5 answer choices for each and... more


Find the vector v with the given magnitude and the same direction as u.

Magnitude: ||v|| = 15Direction: u = 4i - 5jv = _______


Hello I am in desperate need of assistance with my homework as soon as possible please please respond please

1.) Subtract. Identify any x-values for which the expression is undefined.A.) B.) C.) D.)2.) Simplify.A.)B.) None of theseC.)D.) E.)
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Which operation comes first to solve: 9 x (2 + 9) - 4

Which operation comes first to solve: 9 x (2 + 9) - 4


A plane flies 450 kilometers with a bearing of 316° (clockwise from north) from Naples to Elgin. The plane then flies 675 kilometers from Elgin to Canton (see figure). Canton is due west of Naples.

Find the bearing of the flight from Elgin to Canton. (Round to the nearest whole number.)_________ °


Chemistry Homework Help! Combustion!

How many moles of water is produced by the complete combustion of 5 g of propane Convert this answer into grams Show that the conservation of mass was a balanced during the complete combustion of... more


Chemistry Homework! Combustion!

How many moles of carbon dioxide is produced by the complete combustion of 5 g of propane Convert this answer into grams

2 question for math

Question 1: Substitute the value into the variable. State whether the number sentence is true or false. If false, find a value that would result in a true number sentencex + 15 <22 if x=9 4y =12... more


for the given polynomial: b(x)=6x^4-23x^3+x^2+5x-1

find the maximum possible numbers of the positive and the negative roots find all the integer roots find the non- integer real roots find the complex roots


question regarding metric measurements

Speculate as to why solutions like milk and orange juice can be purchased in the English unit of measure (gallons, pints, etc) yet other solutions like sodas are only sold in the metric units of... more


Should I take the ACT or the SAT?

I have been asked this question so many times, and I have worked with hundreds of students for both tests. I can help you figure out which test is best for you. I can explain what I have learned... more
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Connection issues

In the last week we have had issues connecting with our tutor and reliably hearing her audio.We have flushed the cache and historyShe mentioned that there is a glitch in our account. That we are... more

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