Rebecca K.

asked • 10/14/21

Write me a short story using these words: affluent, civility, dispatch, garner, deft, embroil, blandishments, chasten

Austin R.

One day, an affluent gentleman named John went to the market. Though he'd been feeling rather blue, civility commanded that he don a jacket and a decent pair of pants before scuffling out of his cramped apartment. Embroiled in a messy lawsuit, John had hardly the time to dispatch with a two day old muffin on his way out, let alone to do the grocery shopping he used to do in his younger days, when he'd prepare all sorts of delicious treats for himself and Amy. He made a silent vow to himself to never again marry. The streets' shopfronts called to him with their blandishments, but John resisted their temptations and trudged onwards. As the market drew close, John's spirits began to lift. Nothing could raise him from a state of depression like the smell of bread and the shouts of butchers and cars whizzing by. One man stood out to him. His fingers swept a stack of steaks deftly; his eyes twinkled with faint irony. Wordlessly, the butcher's pose claimed an unmatched authority. "A steak, sir?" Still wordlessly, the butcher fanned his scarred hand over a clot of steaks. "Stop," John said as it hovered over a well-marbled slab. With an almost imperceptible smile, the butcher wrapped the steak in brown paper and raised three fingers. John knew he meant 30, and handed over three greasy bills. He noticed that the butcher's arms bore evidence of some chastening: what could only be cigarette burns. Instinctively he cringed, thinking back to his own troubled childhood. He wondered if he would ever see the butcher again, and his eyes fell to the man's lapel. "Bill," he said. The butcher nodded. "Good day." That night, as John chewed the steak's fat, he thought again of Bill's mysterious smile, and resolved to go back to the market another day.


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Howard S.

The story is great. Here's a follow up to savor. : affluent, civility, dispatch, garner, deft, embroil, blandishments, chasten STORY STARTS HERE "Dispatch me right now," the dog barked to his owner or I'll disappear on my own. Garnering his breath, owner barked (I mean backed) off. Deft, confident, he re-barked, you are not affluent enough to embark on your own. The dog, caught up in the fake civility he had been taught, wanted to chasten the owner but held back, then turned to one blandishment he knew, "Fine, I will continue to hang out with you but I expect you at the very least to take a course in manners. Got it?" The affluent owner called the Manner Center to sign up for a class starting the following week. Then dog and owner went back to their distinct endroits. STORY ENDS HERE T0 (The dog grew up in Rouen, France). :-)


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