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Complete Binary Tree in Java (ArrayList implementation)

inOrder, postOrder, and preOrder seem to be printing extra numbers. Why is this happening? import java.util.*;public class CBT{  private ArrayList tree;  public CBT(){ tree = new... more
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Write pseudocode to design a programming solution by outlining a series of steps and using appropriate indentation and keywords.

Problem: A company wants a program that will calculate the weekly paycheck for an employee based on how many hours they worked. For this company, an employee earns $20 an hour for the first 40... more
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Math Conversion

The drainage basin of the Delaware River encompasses about 35,500 km^2 (= 35 x 109 m^2). The average annual precipitation for the drainage area is about 44 inches/year (= ~1.1 m/yr) and the... more
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How do you count characters in a string in assembly language

I am currently working on a lab for my cs class. Part of the lab is asking for us to make a function that counts the length of a file. The file has a long string inside of it and we need to count... more
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Multiple If statements. Printing Car Features.

Write multiple if statements. If car_year is 1969 or earlier, print "Few safety features." If 1970 or later, print "Probably has seat belts." If 1990 or later, print "Probably has antilock brakes."... more
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C++ Array of Bank accounts & Ask user to sort by name, id or balance.

C++ question: I have a BankAccount class that has private member variables, string name, string id, and int balance. I made an array of 5 Bank Account objects that stored different names, bank... more
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Write a program that first invites the user to input a natural number n. Then compute the nth number in the sequence (x subscript n) and display it appropriately to the user.

The sequence xn is defined, for n > 2, by the recursive formulaxn = 2xn - 1 + xn - 2 where x1 = 2 and x2 = 3.Write a program that first invites the user to input a natural number n. Then compute... more
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How do I approach this programming prompt?

================================= An ordering service allows customers to order filled breads. The bread comes in two sizes: -30cm -15cm And three types: -White -Brown -Seeded There are five... more
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I need help with this HW assignment: Project 2: Functional Decomposition II - Math Skill Builder!!!

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Computer Science

Assign number_segments with phone_number split by the hyphens.Sample output with input: '977-555-3221'Area code: 977
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In python Coding

Complete the function game, which simulates a simple, turn-based game between two players and returns the winner (if there is one).The function takes four arguments:m1 and m2 are strings... more
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C++ Programming - Sum of two Numbers

Sum of Two NumbersWrite a program that stores the integers 50 and 100 in variables, and stores the sum of these two in a variable named total.
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Introduction to C++ Programming

Write pseudocode to create a detailed program of one of your daily regular activities like studying and family time.
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Can someone help me write a css code

Hi there! I want CSS code for my website. The website has themes that are already made, and we can change text, add products, and so on. The website also provides a CSS editor, like Square Space... more
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Given a positive integer n, greater than 1, assign True to is_prime if n has no factors other than 1 and itself. (Remember, m is a factor of n if m divides n evenly.)

Given a positive integer n, greater than 1, assign True to is_prime if n has no factors other than 1 and itself. (Remember, m is a factor of n if m divides n evenly.)Additional Notes: n should not... more
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Coriolis Effect Question

Would an airplane flying from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Chicago, IL appear to be deflected left or right as it flies?AndWhich way would a ship from Melbourne, Australia going to Santiago Chile be... more
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comparing php array in while loop

I'm trying to get this while loop to compare the users selection in $brandSel which is assigned via a comboboxto an array value $phoneBrand which is assigned from reading out a text file. But it... more
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i need help please

Newton's law of cooling.dT/dt=−K(T−Ta)Resolve this ODE using the scipy library.
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Help with 4.28 LAB*: Program: Drawing a half arrow C++

Write a program that outputs a downwards facing arrow composed of a rectangle and a right triangle. Arrow dimensions are defined by user specified arrow base height, arrow base width, and arrow... more
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Minimax algorithm for tic tac toe in C

I have made a basic tic tac toe game which fills the board with X's and O's and checks for a winner/draw. How can I implement the minimax algorithm to 1) check for the next best move when the game... more
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Programming Makefiles

How to modify these makefiles to have 5 targets and run them in linux? make -s -f makefile.your_name option_1make -s -f makefile.your_name option_2make -s -f makefile.your_name option_3make -s -f... more
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Methods with loops are destroying my brain, help!

Define the method printValues() that takes two integer parameters and outputs all integers starting with the first and ending with the second parameter in reverse order, each followed by a newline.... more


general coding question

What is the difference between int[] and int[][] when using an array in java?thanks


Help needed with understanding a problem

Given int[][] myVals ={{2, 4, 6, 8}, {20, 40, 60, 80}};Using the above 2d vector, what is the value of myVals[1][2]?The answer is 60. Can someone explain to me why?Thanks

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