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If x+3 =y then what does 2x+6=?

Chemistry Bonding Covalent Structures

Write the following elements structural formula, electron dot formula, molecular shape, bond polarity (P or NP) and Molecular polarity (P or NP)Elements: H2O2, HCOOH, HCN, CO(NH2)2 , N2H4, C2H4,... more


I need help with this statistics question

m f 81 36 60 52 35 4 13 92 57 90 Use the data above to complete the following calculations.∑mf=∑m2f=  (∑mf)2=


need help (sat preparation)

In the following passage from "The Perils of Indifference," Elie Wiesel describes the memory of being liberated from the Buchenwald concentration camp by American soldiers. How would the meaning of... more


need help (sat preparation)

How would the meaning of the following passage change if Wiesel used the word “troubles” rather than “plight”?"Have we really learned from our experiences? Are we less insensitive to the plight of... more


Pendulum Problem

Directions: Complete the following problem showing as much work as possible. You are considering installing a pendulum in the amusement park visitor’s center. The time it takes a pendulum to... more


Caffeine Problems

Caffeine Problems - ExponentsDirections: You are contemplating the installation of small coffee shops spaced intermittently throughout the park. Before you choose the locations and frequency of the... more
Sat Prep Math


How many (x,y) solutions are there in the equations below?

2x + 3y = 52x +3y = 6


Context Inequality Systems

Claire has x dimes and y quarters, having at least 16 coins worth no more than $3 combined. No more than 22 of the coins are dimes and no more than 4 of the coins are quarters. Solve this system of... more


it would helpout alot ive been stuck sooo long its precalculus

A population numbers 20,000 organisms initially and decreases by 2.4% each year.Suppose P represents population, and t the number of years of growth. An exponential model for the population can be... more


normal distribution

suppose 16 coins are tossed. find the probability of getting the following result using the binomial probability formula and the normal curve approximation.exactly 4 heads.use the table of areas... more


normal distribution

the mean clotting time of blood is 7.45 seconds with a standard deviation of 3.6 seconds. what is the probability that an individual's clotting time will be less than 4 seconds or greater than 9... more


Algebra 1 Word Problem

Zachary is working two summer jobs, making $11 per hour lifeguarding and making $14 per hour clearing tables. In a given week, he can work no more than 17 total hours and must earn a minimum of... more
Sat Prep Grammar Lsat


What type of study schedule can you provide?

Sat Prep Sat Math Algebra


If x = 1/3 what is the value of 1/x + 1/(x - 1)


Geometry Questions

Show the conjecture is false by finding a counterexample.1. If the product of two numbers is positive, then the two numbers mustbe positive.2. The sum of any two prime numbers is always even.For... more
Sat Prep Sat Writing


SAT Writing Question 2:

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall building in a single bound, Superman was the first comic book superhero. Prior to 1938, when Superman made his debut, early comic books consisted of... more

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