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How will we find any kind of error without debugging?

Is this possible to find any kind of error without debugging? Please anyone help me to find out the answer.

Evaluate the sum using the summation formulas and properties.

12 (j3 - 3j2) j = 1= ______
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ER Diagram for a movie theater company. It has the registered number & name of the company. The company may own many theaters, each theater has a unique id, name, and address. Every... more


I want to get some sort on assessment regarding previous IT/Bioinformatics/Genetics/Math/Stats uni study?

Hi there,I want to go back to Uni re completing a degree after breaks due to illness hence I would like help regarding finding out what I remember or don't and a revision plan. I have studied... more
Computer Science


Computer science (IT)

“Mr. Ahmad is a cloud computing professional, you asked him for a free advice about cloud providers for your new small company. He gave you full explanation and recommended some good providers.... more

How to activate VRAM

when i play games my vram is 0% please help it was 128mb i made it 512mb but not enough i have 2gb vram and only use 512mb of it?
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Create a Temperature Conversion application in C++

Create a Temperature Conversion application that prompts a user for a temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (integer) and then displays the temperature in degrees Celsius (decimal). Use the formula:... more
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running time and space complexity for algorithms

list the running time and space complexity (in big oh notation) for each of the algorithms below with explanations/reasoning for each one. -quicksort-bubblesort-linear search-binary search
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fibonacci array recursive

below is the code. how can i make the for loop in bold so that this method is a recursive functionpublic void Fibonacci_Array(int[] nums){if(nums == null || nums.Length <= 0){return;}nums[0] =... more
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Web Scraping Issues

I'm looking to scrape the images from https://www.shopthefastlane.com/shop/categories/229 using beautifulsoup. I am trying to access the span class entitled "cell-image show", but searching by... more
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Why is my visual studio c# code not working on .net fiddle c# compiler?

Here is my code. It should ask the user and let it input.The compiler is called dotnetfiddle.netI can't submit from any other compiler. Please fix the problem in code if needed.using System;class... more


solve with ou build

A person is trading his money in the stock exchange market. Assume that the daily price of a specific market along a certain period of time is given as follows: Price [200, 500, 800, 100, 300, 50)... more

JAVA programming language

Part I Write an interface and abstract class for the Ticket that would be used for a ticket-selling applicationPart II Write at least two classes corresponding to different types of Tickets. Part... more

Arrays and Functions

Write a C program using a function called find_divisible_by_2() that gets an array and prints the elements of that array which are divisible by 2. Assume that the size of the array is 10.Here is... more

java programming language/ interface and abstract OOP

Part I Write an interface for a Bank application. Part II Write an abstract class for the interface written in Part I. Part III Write a Branch class from the abstract class written in Part... more


Solve problem using Data structure with c code

Solve the problem of sparse 2- dimensional arrayA sparse array is an array in which most of the elements have the same value (known as the default value—usually 0 or null). The occurrence of zero... more
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Anatomy and Physiology

Approximately how many MORE high volume cholecystectomy surgeries were performed in 2007 than 1998?
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Anatomy and physiology

What country spends the most on research and development for GERD? Aka gastroesophageal reflux disease
Computer Science


please help me with this java design for data structures the language is java

Problem. Design a data structure to support operations on positive integers with many digits.The data type int in Java has a limited range from -2³¹ = -2147483648 to 2³¹ - 1 = 2147483647, about 2.1... more

RPS Enumeration. Use the given enumerations to write a function Result getResult(Choice player1, Choice player2) .

Use the given enumerations to write a function Result getResult(Choice player1, Choice player2) . It should determine the winner of a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors between two players (Rock beats... more

Suits. The starter code below has code to keep track of the suits in a card game.

The starter code below has code to keep track of the suits in a card game. They are defined in an order such that clubs are the best suit (highest number), followed by diamonds, spades and then... more


Directions. Define a enumerated type Direction to make the following code work correctly.

Define a enumerated type Direction to make the following code work correctly. It should associate EAST with the value 0, NORTH with the value 90, WEST with 180 and SOUTH with 270.Code:#include... more

Write a method that finds the operations which the results are wrong in given file

Assume that multiple arithmetic operations are stored in a file. However, some of the results are wrongFor example, given operations 1.0 + 2.0 = 4.0 2.5 + 2.5 = 5.0 3.0 / 2.0 = 1.0 the method... more

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