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Exponential Function

Write the exponential function that corresponds to this set of values: {(1, 90), (2, 81), (3, 72.9), (4, 65.61)}


Algebra homework

Write an equation y = a(b)^x to model the given data. Let x = number of days after March 11, and let y = the total number of positive Covid-19 cases in NYC.March 11 = 53 total casesMarch 12 = 88... more


Need help with algebra

Joe buys a car for $5,000. Every year, it depreciates 10%. That means it is worth 90% of what it was worth the year before. If x = # of months after Joe bought the car, and y = value in dollars of... more
Regents Math Algebra 1


Need to know how to do this help

Write an exponential equation that models this function: {(1, 5), (2, 10), (3, 20), (4, 80)} Note: The general formula for an exponential function is y = a(b)^x, where a = initial value of the... more


math alegbra 9th grade ny regents

students were asked to write a formula for the length of a rectangle by using the formula for its perimeter, p=2l+2w.. three of their responses are shown below l= 1/2(p) -w 1/2(p-2w) p-2w/2... more


Determine if each given example represents a linear, quadratic, absolute value, or exponential function. Explain.

y = 2x — 7 f(x) = x2 — 8 p(x) = 3(5)x y = |x + 4|


(Parallel Circuits) Find: It and Vt?

Find: It, Vt, V1, V2, V3, R1, and R2   I1 = 2A   I2 = 4A I3 = 6A   R1 = ? R2 = ? R3 = 8 ohms    
Regents Math Science Physics


Using the information provided, calculate the period of the wave:

A transverse wave with an amplitude of 0.20 meter and wavelength of 3.0 meters travels toward the right in a medium with a speed of 4.0 meters per second. Using the information provided, calculate... more


Find the period and speed of the wave:

A periodic wave traveling in a uniform medium has a wavelength of 0.080 meter, an amplitude of 0.040 meter and a frequency of 5.0 Hertz. (a) Determine the period of the wave (b) Calculate the speed... more


Find the first four terms of the recursive sequence defined below.

aBASE0= -2 aBASEn+1= (aBASEn)^2-4


The directrix of the parabola 12(y+3)=(x-4)^2…

The directrix of the parabola 12(y+3)=(x-4)^2 has the equation y=-6. Find the coordinates of the focus of the parabola. This is question 30 on the June 2016 algebra 2 cc regents.


Help with graphs in algebra 2

specifically number 28 on the June 2016 algebra 2 cc regents but I need help graphing when told the amplitude,period,midline.. I know it's kinda hard to explain on here without a graph


Help with algebra 2 please!

24) The voltage used by most households can be modeled by a sine function. The maximum voltage is 120 volts, and there are 60 cycles every second. Which equation best represents the value of the... more


Help with this solution. Question 22 from the latest algebra 2 common core June regents

which value to the nearest tenth is not a solution of p(x)=q(x) if p(x)=x^3+3x^2-3x-1 and q(x)=3x+8   thank you!


Help with algebra 2 review my retake is tomorrow.

21) Last year, the total revenue for Home Style, a national restaurant chain, increased 5.25% over the previous year. If this trend were to continue, which expression could the company’s chief... more

How do I find the asymptote?

For question 18 on the algebra 2 common core test for June 2016 it says it's false that the graph of the equation c(x)=logBASE6x has an asymptote of y=0. I'm still confused how I would know this.

Which function represents exponential decay?

1) 2^0.3t 2) 1.2^3t 3) (1/2)^-t 4) y=5^-t   please explain how it is 4 I would think it was 3

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