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Financial Accounting


Conceptual framework

Golden Enterprise Ltd. has been operating a restaurant business for the past ten years. The company has ten branches in Accra and is planning to expand its operations to other parts of the country.... more
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Calculating time value of money (Future values/Present values)

Mrs PQ is saving for her daughter’s education in five (5) years’ time. Her estimation is that tuition and living costs will be $300 000. She decides to deposit $3 000 per month (at the beginning of... more
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About depreciation methods

Assuming that company X following straight line depreciation method and company Y is using double declining method. What will be the effect on both net income and total assets at early... more
Financial Accounting


write under the qustion

Zion product corporations have the following capital, structure, which it considers optimal:Bonds, 8% (par value $1000)…………….br 400000Preferred stock………………………………200000Common... more
Financial Accounting


Journal Entries

I need help writing the journal entry for this. I know Baking Equipment is my debit and Common Stock is my credit, but I am unsure of what amount is to be debited/credited.October 13: The owner has... more
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Financial management preparation questions

Find the price of an American call on a stock that matures in two months and its price changes i)              daily ii)            weekly iii)          monthly (no dividends, 1 month = 20 days = 4... more
Financial Accounting


Dividends per Share

Seventy-Two Inc., a developer of radiology equipment, has stock outstanding as follows: 60,000 shares of cumulative preferred 3% stock, $20 par and 405,000 shares of $25 par common.During its first... more
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Financial Math Question

Walter decides he wants to start saving for retirement. On his 35th birthday he deposits $130000 in an account with an interest rate of j1=6%. On his 65th birthday he starts withdrawing money... more
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Among 500 freshmen

Among 500 freshmen pursuing a business degree at a university, 318 are enrolled in an economics course, 210 are enrolled in a mathematics course, and 120 are enrolled in both an economics and a... more
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Madison Company acquired a depreciable asset at the beginning of Year 1 at a cost of £12 million. At December 31, Year 1, Madison gathered the following information related to this asset: Carrying... more
Financial Accounting


Calculation of diluted eps

Special Plc has an issued share capital at 1 January 2019 of 1,000,000 ordinary shares of 20p each and 50,000 convertible preference shares of £1 each. The preference shares are classified as... more
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Financial management

Susanna wants to purchase a house costing $203,346. She plans to put $49,498 toward a down payment and finance the rest at 3.2% payable monthly for 30 years. If she stays with this payment schedule... more
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What is the present worth of the depreciation tax held?

Company A purchases $200,000 of equipment in year zero. It decides to use straight-line depreciation over the expected 20 years life of the equipment. The interest rate is 14%. If its average tax... more
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Accounting question

MR. ABC acquired his business for P3 million. The Fair Market value of the business is P5 million. Will it be more useful if accounting records were adjusted corresponding to the fair market value... more
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Find the periodic payment R required to accumulate a sum of S dollars over t years with interest earned at the rate of r%/year compounded

Find the periodic payment R required to accumulate a sum of  S dollars over tyears with interest earned at the rate of r%/year compounded m times a year. (Round your answer to the nearest... more
Financial Accounting


Bank Reconciliation Problem

The treasurer of a company was preparing a bank reconciliation as of March 31. The following items were identified: The balance per books was $9,600 Interest earned on the checking account during... more
Financial Accounting


3. Forecast the changes in the financial strength that might take place if the following changes takes place in the macroeconomic fundamentals.

·      Interest rate 4%·      Exchange rate has depreciated 5%·      Government is giving out subsidy and also increasing tax rates to finance its expenditure.
Financial Accounting


Questions listed below

The relationship between a bond's price and the yield to maturity is an inverse relationship. Please explain, but make sure you don't simply restate the inverse relationship, but explain the... more
Financial Accounting


How Would I Journalize This Transaction: Dec 8 Received $22,400 On Account From Warthog Company, No Discount. This Sale Was Made In November

I was thinking:Accounts Receivable 22,400 Sales 22,400I'm not sure if this is correct?
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Breakeven Question

Sally’s Skate Company offers roller skating lessons. Her facility is her only fixed cost, at $800/month. Her instructor rate (a variable cost) is $60 per hour. She has no other costs. If each... more
Financial Accounting


Accounting Tax Expense Question

Prepare the Journal Entry that would have been processed by Shell Ltd to recognize the tax expense for the year ended 31 September 2019.
Financial Accounting


Financial Accounting

What is the journal entries for the following:On 31 August 2019 Sunshine shop identified that inventory costing 43 500 had been damaged. This inventory could be sold for 46000 if 5 000 was spent... more
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Ordinary Annuity

A man bought a car in installment basis. If he pays P10,000 per month at a rate of 15% compounded monthly for 3 years, find the cash price and the accumulated amount of money for the car.
Financial Accounting


Accounting Managerial Zero Bono

For a zero-coupon bond: A. The coupon rate is lower than the market rate B. The cash received from investors is less than the bond's face value C. Amortization of bond discount equals to... more
Financial Accounting


Miquel pays $55 semimonthly for health insurance which is 16% of the total cost. His employer pays the rest. What is the total yearly cost to the nearest dollar of Miquel’s health insurance?

Miquel pays $55 semimonthly for health insurance which is 16% of the total cost. His employer pays the rest. What is the total yearly cost to the nearest dollar of Miquel’s health insurance? 

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