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What challanges might the government of Switzerland will face trying to accommodate the three languages commonly spoken there

I need help with 6th grade model middle social studies, Europe languages.


then meaning of " I wouldn't say it , if i didn't mean it."" I wouldnt say i love you , if i didnt mean it"

wanting to know the meaning of the sentence. 

English choose

Where do you read ........ the death of the president ( announcement - declaration - advertisement ) Which one of this Chosses is correct
Language Languages Babies


how do babies learn one language over another

 This question is for my class and I'm trying to find more answers

Hi, i am writing an extended essay and i am hoping if someone can help me check my thesis statement i have right now. Thx

My title is : English is a 'mongrel' language Thesis statement: The English language that everyone speaks today was once developed in three stages, old English, middle English and modern English.... more
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Dogs ability to communicate

"I would like to know if a puppy is born with the inherent knowledge to bark and even if isolated kept in isolation from other dogs would it still know to bark. Or is this something that is a... more
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English choose question

Choose the correct answer and Could you tell me why ?After the accident, the man was ............ in his car for 2 hours , but someone heard and rescued him. A) tricked  B) stepped  C)... more
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English Choose question

Choose the correct answer and Could you tell me why ?His brother has gone missing while searching ........ king solomon 's mines. A) about. B) for. C) at. D) with.  


English Choose question

Choose the correct answer and Could you tell me why ?He helped ........ the reform of agriuluture.A) toB) forC) intoD) in
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English Rewrite Question

Rewrite the followingHer house was built last year. ( Ago )What should I do If I want to use "ago"?


What is the term for understanding unfinished speech of confidents?

There is a great word for when friends or confidents incomplete speech. The phenomena of "you know what I mean?" As in dealing with vocal redundancy. Any idea what it is?   This is a sociological... more


English Negative Questions

English Negative Questions: Question: Do you not like the food? How would I response using yes or no? Would yes mean I like it?And no mean I don't like it? P.s - I'm from America. :)Thank you by... more
Language English Translate


Find an appropriate English phrase to insult someone who is cruel

Dear Sir or Madam, I'm having a problem when translating a story to English. I'm trying to find a phrase to insult someone who is cruel and inhumane. If I translate word-by-word, it will be "you... more
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Why do I use kaette instead of kaeru in the sentence "kinou wa uchi ni kaette nani wo shimashita ka."

Why do I use kaette instead of kaeru in the sentence "kinou wa uchi ni kaette nani wo shimashita ka."


What does ????mean?

I have the sentence ???????????????I think the just of the sentence is "is the weather good?" Is this correct?
Language Japanese


How do I form the present negativeof a ru verb in its potential form?

I understand the potential present affirmative. For example, Taberu becomes taberareru. Does that mean that  the negative potential present form of taberu is  taberaremasen?  
Language Chinese


How do you ask a question in Chinese?

I just learned that Chinese is a tonal language, but that made me wonder, how do you ask a question if you can't raise your voice at the end? What are the different ways to let someone know you are... more
Language Writing


Can anyone help me write a story using these words?

book; lightbulb; fish; tree; fountain; turtle; airplane; magnet; alien
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What do you think of my story? Do I need to improve anywhere? My story is due tomorrow.

In a town of gloomy night skies and dark descent clouds incorporating the glacial feel of air. It was Halloween night. Evelyn was exhausted from passing out trick or treat candy to witches, ghost,... more
Language Writing


I need a scary sentence story starter! I'm stuck on this for hours! Fast, I need Help!

I want to start like when this girl is handing out Candy to the kids on Halloween. When she finished she went up stairs to brush her teeth and then she heard something. I just need a starter so I... more
Language Writing


How do you write a newspaper Article?

I have a project to do about make a newspaper article. I have researched information about what I will be writing about. But I just don't know how to start it to capture the reader's... more
Language Writing


How do write an epilogue for an autobiography?

I am wondering how to write it. Here is an outline of how my teacher wants us to do: Imagine that a complete stranger just picked up this portfolio. The stranger reads it from cover to cover. How... more


Why do a number of languages have similar words?

Why do a number of languages have similar words?

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