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Did ancient/medieval armies have music/chants to march to?

During battles or marching into battles did armies (like the Spartan or Eastern European armies) have music/chants to march to?

When and why did war chariots stopped being used?

Many cultures (Egypt, Celts, etc...) had war chariots either as mobile platforms or as troop transport. What other advance in warfare made them obsolete?

What is the largest mutiny in human history?

What is the largest mutiny in terms of people involved (approx.) or the number of days it lasted in the recorded history? - **Mutiny** - *Mutiny is a criminal conspiracy among a group of people... more

What was the first known war in history?

Not the first instance of *warfare*, which surely predates recorded history, but of an organized war between civilizations. For the purposes of this question I'll define a war as: - Defined... more

Were there any wars in ancient Greece where religion played a major part?

From Andrew Roberts’ *Napoleon: A Life*, on the 1803 outbreak of war between Britain and France, after Britain demanded Malta and Napoleon then wanted to know whether this demand was an ultimatum... more

What was the origin of the Classical Antiquity culture?

I many times heard a version that the advances of the Ancient Greek culture were in fact borrowed from Egypt or the Middle East. I will not buy this. Classical Antiquity civilization had a lot of... more

What kind of musical instruments were used in ancient barbarian tribes?

I am a member of a reenactment group in Romania, and we mostly do Roman, Dacian tribes and other barbarian tribes (allies of Dacians). Some other members including myself want to form a band, and... more

What impact did the migration of Germanic tribes have on languages in the rest of Europe?

I am currently looking for information about the migration of the Germanic tribes, and especially it's effects on European languages, or other languages. Google Search provided me information... more

Did the Celts really go into battle naked?

Yes, this of-repeated tale was reported by the Romans all the time, but it sounds a lot like rumor. Stuff the victors write about their former enemies, "they were so stupid, they went into battle... more

Discuss in detail: Their concepts of merit, virtue, female chastity and family honor.

Discuss in detail: Their concepts of merit, virtue, female chastity and family honor. Compare and contrast the stories of Lucretia and Julia (Augustus daughter) within these contexts.

Why did Sun Tzu believe you shouldn't wait beside a river when eager to fight?

In Sun Tzu's Art of War, Chapter 9 (The Army on the March), Verse 5, Tzu says > If you are anxious to fight, you should not go to meet the invader near a river which he has to cross. My... more

Why is Anubis given a scarf in some representations?

Two links containing images of Anubis with scarf;https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anubis_Shrinehttps://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/AnubisIn some representations Anubis wears what seems to be a scarf.... more

Are there any existing foreign language teaching texts from the Ancient Near East?

The various cultures of the Ancient Near East spoke a wide array of languages and we know that there was plenty of communication between cultures. We even have a language like Akkadian that served... more

Is it true that Proto-Ukrainians conquered Europe and India?

I am a Ukrainian high school student. Recently we were told by a teacher that Proto-Ukrainians, the people who lived in the modern territory of Ukraine and ancestors of modern Ukrainians, once... more

Who were the pre-Celtic inhabitants of Western Europe?

I've heard it said that the Basque are conjectured to be the last remnant of Pre-Celtic Western Europe. When would have these people existed? What evidence do we have for their culture and... more

Kurds and their relation to the start of civilization?

Is there a relationship between these folks and the start of civilization? Mehrdad Izady suggests that they started civilization via establishing the agricultural production. How can this be... more

What were the thoughts of the Celts, Romans and other ancient European people about the standing stones which survive from prehistoric times?

All over Europe, there are monuments of stone such as stonehenge, although many are not so grand as stonehenge is. Contra *Asterix*, the Celts didn't carve out menhirs and things like that. The... more


What triggered the movement from the late archaic to the early classical/severe era?

Most art historians say the movement resulted from the Persian Wars. I've also read that the rejection of Persian ideals and culture triggered the movement into the classical style art. Does anyone... more

Why do Strabo, Pliny and Diodorus cite Pytheas in disbelief?

According to the wikipedia page on [Germanic tribes](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germanic_peoples#Classification), (direct quotation) > The first news about the Germanic world are contained in... more

Is there any documentation regarding the use of war elephants in battles?

Does anyone know of any battles where war elephants played either a major or decisive part in the victory of whoever had them? As far as I know, they were mostly used for the fear factor and were... more

What went on during multi-year sieges?

You hear all the time in ancient history about cities or fortresses being besieged for a year, or two years, or even many years such as the sieges of Tripoli or Carthage or Drepana. I'm wondering,... more

What were the incentives for war during the Warring States Period?

I've been reading about the Warring States Period in Li Feng's 'Early China', and I don't know if I missed a passage but I can't seem to figure out *why the period was so violent*. I've been... more

Why did Hawaii become a dependent state of USA after USA was born 300 years ago?

I’m asking this because, I know that Hawaii is a very ancient civilization because it has an unique language, and you can’t find anywhere on Earth except in Hawaii, and when USA was born 300 yers... more


how does the united states demonstrate the 5 keys of civilzation

 i need help its about civilization

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