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How can I effectively invent a language?

I want to make a particular language that adapts to the story. And the language has to have x and y and e characteristics for example. Is there a protocol to follow on the process of making a... more
Language Writing Translation


Historical Fiction: using you and thou?

Generally speaking, English once used 'you' as the second person plural (equivalent to 'vous' and 'vós') and 'thou' as the second person singular (equivalent to 'tu'). When talking to a... more
Language Art Linguistics


Term to describe the fact of using art to push ideology?

Hi everyone,I was wondering if there is a term to describe/qualify the fact of using art (literature, cinema…) and/or a specific medium to push ideology? For example, someone who would defend the... more
Language Writing Technique


Will using real-world cultural vocabulary in a fantasy setting disengage readers?

__If I have certain minor rituals/garments/culture tidbits in a fantasy setting that mirror those of Earth, and I describe them using the real-world vocabulary, will that disengage readers from the... more

Change spelling check language for a Document in Microsoft Word 2010?

Usually I use `Microsoft Word 2010` to write English documentsNow I'm editing a document of another language, and want to change the spelling check language of this documentThis change should not... more


What impact did the migration of Germanic tribes have on languages in the rest of Europe?

I am currently looking for information about the migration of the Germanic tribes, and especially it's effects on European languages, or other languages. Google Search provided me information... more
Language Spanish


What's the best way to learn Spanish?

I want to be fluent in Spanish to connect with more people, and use it in the workplace. I've taken Spanish since I was in high school but don't feel comfortable speaking beyond basic phrases. What... more
Language History Latin


Discuss in detail: Concepts of Mos maiorum (“the concept of the ancestor”s), pietas & lares familiaris (household gods).

Discuss in detail: Concepts of Mos maiorum (“the concept of the ancestor”s), pietas & lares familiaris (household gods).
Language English History


How did the Spanish language develop?

Language English History


how did the English language begin?

Language Arabic Quran


Are the letter forms of Arabic essential to the Qur'an?

Are the existing letter forms/shapes of the Arabic alphabet an essential part of the Qur'an, or are they an arbitary choice made by humans as a means to *record* the Qur'an?In other words, if... more

What does the expression "It's raining cats and dogs" mean?

Share an expression/idiom you use!
Language Arabic Salat


While I'm in my praying, can I say Dua in different languages?

If I don't know the Arabic meaning of a Dua, can I say the Dua in a different language?
Language Psychology Speech


Why do we say, "Oh!" when we are surprised?

I have noticed that I and many of my peers tend to say "Oh!" whenever we are surprised or think of an answer to a question. This "Oh!" is not only prevalent in English, but also in Korean and... more


Why are language test scores requirements sometimes higher for undergraduate than graduate admission?

I’ve been searching for the graduate requirements of some university. As regards the language test scores, TOEFL>90 or IELTS>7 are necessary. However, I stumbled upon undergraduate... more


What is the difference between Brazilian and European Portuguese?

A lot of students ask this question so let me clarify. The major difference is in the accent and the pronunciation of words. Brazilians pronounce all the letters of the written word and sometimes... more


What was the official language used across European monarchies in the XII century?

I have been reading about European history in the XII century and I am finding out that several of the modern day languages hadn't yet evolved to what they are now: Langue d'oïl was still being... more


Why did the GHQ not promote English during the occupation?

I wonder why GHQ did not force Japanese people to use the English language during the occupation, or at least add English to one of its official languages, much like Hong Kong under occupation by... more


How similar are Italian and Spanish?

Since words are defined in terms of other words in dictionaries, leading to infinite loops, does it mean natural languages are meaningless?

Since words are defined in terms of other words in dictionaries, leading to infinite loops, does it mean natural languages are meaningless? Are infinitely recursive definitions valid? If we... more


Is there a specific suffix for "within a cell"? i.e. in a similar manner to how -aemia refers to within the blood?

Words like hyperglycemia and hyponatremia refer to the relative level of each component in the blood, not in the cell. Is there a suffix for within the cell? For reference I would like one word as... more


Why are the German and French languages so different?

My understanding (which could be wrong) is the following: During and before the period of the fall of western Rome (roughly 400 AD), the Franks and the Alemanni were tribal people who moved... more
Language English Grammar


She attended the meteor party at Central Park today. Is it a metaphor, allusion, complication, or internal conflict? I’m confused!

I had this question on a test and it made NO sense to me!

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