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What would be interesting to research about the Uyghurs in China?

What would be interesting to research (and what could be a good research question) about the Uyghurs in China?
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Arabic and Persian loans in Turkish?

Both Persian and Turkish - as have other "islamic" languages - have a great deal of Arabic vocabulary. Due to an (initially) favourable vowel inventory (and maybe due to the same script being used)... more
Turkish Arabic Borrowing


Mutual lexical borrowings between Arabic, Persian and Turkish: a reference request?

As an occasional learner of these languages, I find the linguistic situation of Arabic, Persian and Turkish very interesting: they are three genetically unrelated languages (if you stick to... more


Reversal of kinship terms when speaking to a child?

When Turkish people speak to children, they often address them with the kinship term that the child is supposed to use for the speaker. For example a mother may call her child "anneciğim" ("my dear... more
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What is the origin of the Arabic word دزينة (dazina)?

As a Semitic language, one would expect the word dozen to be rooted in Aramaic (such as תריסר in Hebrew). This is obviously not the case, as the word appears similar to "dozen", rooted in Latin.Is... more

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