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Does the 了 (le) particle indicate past tense?


Tones!!! What can I do to learn these tones?


Why Chinese is so hard to learn?

Yes. It is much harder even for Chinese native speakers.Here are the reasons why: China has long history. Characters could mean totally different even it is the same character. In different... more


Didn't schedule lesson

How do I cancel a booked lesson?


How will I tell ages of my 3 younger brothers in Chinese?

Hi, i wanted to know that how will I say in Chinese that:I have 3 younger brothers. The one after me is 19 years old. The one after him is 14 years old and the youngest one is 10 years old.


What is the meaning of Sage in respect of eastern folklore?

I am looking for a more concrete definition of what an eastern sage is and an explanation of the background of the eastern sage. Many translations of eastern martial arts feature sages. They are... more


Why is the "Q" in "Qin Dynasty" pronounced like "ch"?


chicken little the chick

Nine more than the product of a number and 7 is 2?


Can I use 又 to give more than two properties of something?

Can I use 又 to express more than two properties that something has? I know this is ok: > 這個貓又快又好看。 (This cat is fast and good looking.) But can I write?: > 這個貓又快又好看又很高興。 (This cat is... more


How do you say "A story is set in another place"?

Does anyone have an idea of how to translate "This story is set in a small town". I've been looking around but I haven't found a good way to translate "Set in". Thanks again for any help!... more


A Golden Rule for When Chinese Repeat a Word Twice X Twice? 热热闹闹?

I have come across several times reading Chinese that they repeat words twice and then again. For an Instance what is the difference between 热闹 and 热热闹闹 ? what is the grammar meaning when words... more


Are there relative pronouns in Chinese?

Are there words for relative pronouns, for example: The man, **who** was walking to the shop, was tall. Is there a Chinese word for the bolded "who"?


How to list adjectives in Chinese?

I am preparing for HSK 6, and its Reading Part 1, which asks you to identify a 语病 in a sentence, is notoriously hard. Here is one of the sentences from HSK 6 Reading Part... more


Difference between “当…时”, “…的时候”, and “当…的时候”?

What is the difference between : > “当…时” and > “…的时候” and > “当…的时候” when refer to "when" in Chinese? I have tried to look for an answer but I couldn't find a clear one.
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