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How do I become a tutor at Wyzant

Hello, I have worked as a teacher and tutor for 30 years. I am always looking for ways to expand my base. A local school guidance counselor mentioned that they primarily use Wyzant referrals. How... more
Greek Latin Classics


What are some physical reference books/resources that every budding Classicist should acquire?

This question is rather unorthodox for here, so please feel free to decline or pass by...To keep it brief, a department I consult for will provide approximately $400-500 USD to procure physical... more


Can you demonstrate reading and discussing in Ancient Greek text together?

One approach to increase language acquisition in Ancient Greek together would be to read out loud and discuss the text in Ancient Greek.


Mythology Greek Essay Questions?

What etiological purpose do you think the myth about Archane and Athena, what does this myth explains the origin of? What are the 3 cultural values used to promote the myth and why? Give 2... more


Philosophy, Logic question please

1 All dogs are Marsupials.Lassie is not a marsupial.Therefore, Lassie is not a dog.2 Either you love the President, or else you are a terrorist.James doesn’t love the President.Therefore, James is... more


Philosophy, Logic

please I need help.Logic,identify if valid or invalid1, All students are awesome.Diego is awesome.Therefore, Diego is a student.2, Everyone who gets the coronavirus also gets a fever. Micah has a... more


Please I need help! Philosophy, Logic.

A) Identify whether the argument is deductively valid or invalid1) If one studies hard, then one will pass the testGeorge passed the test .Thus, George studied hard.2) Most professors are... more


Where did the greeks go to find an answer from the gods?


The Illiad Story

In the Iliad, there is a a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different, between war and peace, suffering and understanding. How can... more


can someone help me write a poem

Your task is to write a rhyme about Greek Mythology using the vocab words. Try to write at least 4 lines.archipelagodeityforgepolytheismrevelrysacrificetridentunderworld


what three factors allowed Greece to become successful with trade


When and how did the Greek mythos transfer to the Romans?

It seems that there are a great many similarities between Roman and Greek Mythology. In fact, many people consider them synonymous and only really differ in the names. For example: * Greek ⇄... more


-ούλα και -ίτσα are they interchangeable?

Are the feminine diminutive endings interchangeable, meaning we can say both η πορτίτσα and η πορτούλα? Or does each noun have its corresponding ending? If so is there any rule?


A question concerning the etymology of ouzo

As a Turkish curious of etymology, I was looking into the etymology of raki. Eventually I read that "ouzo" is probably deriving from Turkish word "üzüm" which is grape. In wikipedia, there are two... more


Are "η" and "οι" pronounced differently?

Are the words probounced differently, or is it only a spelling change?


About Indefinite Articles

Please correct me if I'm wrong with my examples, but I learned that you can omit *Enas*, *Mia*, and *Ena* but I'm having a hard time; For example, if I say "I'm eating an apple" will it be the... more


Is there a list of English words where some of their letters can be replaceed with Greek letters?

Is there a list of English words where some of their letters can be replaceed with Greek letters? for example the word `Archive` can be written as `arXve`, where `X` is the Greek letter `chi`.


Genitive or σε?

I would like to know if it's okay to use the genitive case for indirect objects instead of σε. I know that it's grammatically correct, but is it colloquial or something? and morever do some people... more


Ghamma before epsilon-like sounds: exceptions?

One real steadfast rule all new learners to Modern Greek are given is, γ before an ε-like sound (ε, αι, οι, υ, κτλ) takes on a y-like sound, like the word yes. Are there any common exceptions to... more


Explanation of 'Προσώ ολοταχώς΄παρακαλώ.

In subtitles this translates to 'full ahead'. Individually translating the words seems to get me close to that meaning, but I was wondering if a native/high level speaker could give me some... more

How widespread was literacy in classical Greek in Europe during the medieval period?

How widespread was literacy in classic Greek in Europe during the medieval period? I assume "every" (?) educated person, such as clerks, monks, nobility, judges, doctors and similar knew Latin at... more


Genitive case and word order (indirect objects)

Πουλάω το αυτοκίνητο - I'm selling the car Το Πουλάω του Γιώργου - I'm selling it to George but putting them together Πουλάω το αυτοκίνητο του Γιώργου - I'm selling George's car so we have to... more


Does ”πειθούς δημιουργός είναι ἡ ρητορική" mean "rhetoric is a maker of persuasion”?

And I have one more to ask. The Greek translation of Windsor Palace is "Παλάτι του Γουίνδσωρ". Why "γ" is here?

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