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Social Media English Language Essay


essay help in english language and linguistics.

i need a little help on an essay which i have to do for my class speech on Thursday. Topic : Social Media has improved human education.i need key points that can be included in it, whilst... more
Social Media English History Free Speech


If an online threat towards someone specific makes that person feel as if their life is in danger or causes a negative affect towards that person, if that threat protected by free speech?

*not real peopleLet's say Steve posts a graphically violent message towards Stacy on social media. If that posts causes Stacy to feel threatened or feel as if her life is in danger, is Steve's post... more

How would I determine an increase/decrease in social media engagement? What time periods do I compare?

I recently finished an internship and need to compare data for my resume. I worked there for exactly 57 days from May 30-July 17. So to figure out overall engagement, would I compare the time... more


Anti-deceptive electioneering law?

In light of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections and clandestine Democratic efforts to use deceptive tactics in the recent Alabama senate race, it is clear that social media as a... more


How can I politely ask my audience to not use their cellphones when I am giving a talk?

As a scientific researcher, I occasionally find myself giving scientific talks in the conferences, universities, and colleges. I try to make my talk as entertaining and understandable as possible... more


Exponential Functions

Three Algebra 1 students are comparing how fast their social media posts have spread. Ben shared his post with two friends. Each of those friends shares with 3 more everyday, so the number of... more

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