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Ap English English Poem


Argument Poem due April 17 pls help

I need to write an argument poem for English due next week. My topic is SHOULD WE LEARN A 2ND LANGUAGE. it must include this in my poem as wellHowever, Im really bad at writing poems and i need to... more
Ap English


How do I make these sentences sound better through better word usage?

 In Salem, the act of witchcraft is taken seriously and is punishable by death. When one of the main characters, Abigail, is in danger of being accused of this she is willing to take any risk to... more
Ap English Great Gatsby


Why do you think that certain characters Die in the Great Gatsby? Like Gatsby and Myrtle?

Not just about how they died but through their actions why do you think they might have died.
Ap English


We are going into logarithms. Some of you know what logs are so it should be easy what is the assumption?

Assumptions are what you think before you you make a decision . Need help to determime what this examples assumption is
Ap English English History


Post-Romantic worldview?

What is a post romantic worldview? Is a Death of a Salesman an example of a post-romantic worldview? If so, why?

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