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Highschool Math Algebra 1



What is the discriminant and number of real solutions of -8x2 + 9x - 4 = 0
Highschool English Writing Essay


What does Dr. Strangelove have in common with Oppenheimer?

Highschool Math Prealgebra Algebra


Use digits 1-9 to create a true statement. Be sure to verify (prove) that the left side of the equation is the same as the right side of the equation.

Use each digit only once. Each under score is a blank box. _x*2 + _x*3 + _x*2 - _x*3 = _x*2 + _x*3 - _x*2


Give a concrete scenario/occurrence that is analogous to the transcription and translation process

Hello! I am currently studying protein synthesis, but I am struggling to think of any scenario that could be comparable in certain aspects to the transcription and translation process of DNA. Thank... more
Highschool Science Chemistry Icp


How to solve this chemical equation?

NaHCO3 (s) + HC6 H8 O7 (s) → H2 CO3 (aq) + NaC6 H8 O7 (aq) H2 CO3 (aq) → H2 O (l) + CO2 (g)
Highschool Algebra 1


Alg 1 Word Problem.

“The cost of a popsicle at the snack stand is $0.75. Let p represent the number of popsicles and c represent total cost. Use an equation to represent the relationship between the numbers of... more

Chemistry Equilibirum constant

Suppose that 0.350 mol of A and 0.520 mol of B are placed a 1.50L container and the following hypothetical equilibrium is established. If the equilibrium amount of C is 0.150 mol, what is the... more


Oxidation Question: Chemistry

What is the oxidation number of chlorine in each anion? OCI- CIO4- CI- CI2 HCI thank you in advance for the help :)


Calculus Question. Please Help!

Given the following system of equations,a) build an augmented matrix to represent the system of equations,b) show the elementary row operations that lead to a reduced row form, andc) find the... more


Pre-Calculus Question. Please Help!

Convert the following Cartesian equation into a polar equation.If you need to include the symbol θ in your answer, use the word "theta" instead.y = 4x +5


solve for x, 3^2root4 - 4(3^2rootx) = -3


solve for x, 1/5-logx + 2/1+logx = 1

I am very lost on how to solve this: Grade 12 chemistry

In the following reaction, the initial rate of production of N2O gas is 0.51 mol/(L*s) What is the rate of loss of NO3NO(g) ---> N2O(g) + NO2(g)


Grade 12 Chemistry (Energy)

when 0.0200 mol of solid calcium oxide is dissolved in sufficient water 650 J of energy is released.How much energy would be released if 3g of the solid was dissolved?
Highschool Science Chemistry


What is the density of NH3 at 335 K and 104 kPa?

Highschool Science Chemistry


What is the volume of 17.88 mol of argon gas at STP?

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