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Are there better ways to say "you're welcome" in English?

It's boring to always say "you're welcome" to my work colleagues and "no problem" seems too informal.


Is the IELTS difficult to pass.

Yes and noIf you go by a lot of the information given online or take the advice of teachers who have no real experience with the IELTS, I would have to say it is difficult to pass. If you go with... more


Isn't 30 dollars an hour expensive?

Yes, USD30 an hour is high. I have over 30 years of experience and I can show provide evidence of student satisfaction. I have a 99.5% rating with 1920 hours, a 5.0 rating with 530 hours, and the... more
Ielts Gap Fill


Could someone help me answer these IELTS gap fill

Here is the list of phrase which should be used to fill in the following gap. Overall in detail/ to be specific the pie charts illustrate accounted for (x2) accounting for the second... more
Ielts Speaking


What type of questions are on the IELTS test?

Examples of IELTS Interview Questions (Speaking). Remember to say as much as possible when speaking. What is your job?Answer :I am a English teacher.  I’ve... more


How do I prepare for the IELTS test?

How to prepare for the IELTSAs with any test, it is best to prepare and become familiar with what is inside of the test. There are 4 different part so is a good idea to study each part separately.... more


IELTS test preparation

What does the acronym IELTS stand for?


How Can I Improve My IELTS Score?

There are many, many ways to improve your IELTS score. But the answer is different for each student. Also, to improve quickly, we must identify the student's greatest weakness. After we know the... more


What is Step #1 for Preparing for IELTS?

Step 1 for all my students is to take a practice/mock IELTS test. This is VERY helpful! Why?1) It lets the student see what the test is like. If they have never taken an IELTS test, it is important... more


What should I do to improve Reading score?

Ielts Toefl


How can I Improve my writing score on the IELTS/TOEFL test?



Does the IELTS exam allow you to take notes on your own scratch paper?

I'm wondering if the IELTS exam allows test takers to use scratch paper/pencils during the exam. In particular, I am wondering if note taking in the listening portion of the exam is allowed.


In the IELTS exam is the misuse of hyphenation counted as an error?

If you miss a needed hyphenation is a compound adjective modifier, will it be counted as a wrong answer?
Ielts English Toefl


How do I improve my score on the TOEF iBT or IELTS?


Questions about writing formal letters and writing specific dates?

i don't know if these kinds of questions are appropriate to ask in this particular forum but i will take my chances.I was writing a formal letter for an IELTS task, and I was wondering whether this... more

Relationship between "detrimental" and "effective"?

A sample IELTS question in the reading section concerns a passage about how dentistry has improved over the last few centuries. The passage includes:> "...for most of the 18th and the beginning... more


Of and from, are they interchangeable in some cases?

i was reading this letter for IELTS and i was not sure if this was the proper usage because i thought of an alternative:> My name is Mathew Abraham and I am writing this letter regarding an... more


Is the use of a verb-ing still correct after a comma when the subject is changed?

I know that usually we use verb-ing after a comma to say the action before the comma and that after the comma happen simultaneously. (e.g. The figure for bananas continued to grow, overtaking that... more


What are some of the best ways to improve my Speaking scores on the IELTS test?

Write your answer below on ways that students can improve their Speaking IELTS scores. There are three parts to the IELTS speaking test. Part 1 is familiar topics, Part 2 is a short speech, and... more

True, false, or not given: there are three main kinds of identity theft?

**Please, reason before looking on the answer or my arguments so you don't become biased.**I'm studying for a test and there is this passage (content taken from British Council study material):>... more


Scores expired but with work experiences in English speaking countries?

If one wants to apply for grad school in the USA, and one's TOEFL, IELTS, GRE scores all expired, but one has all the following experiences able to prove ones' English proficiency: one did an... more


How can I face IELTS speaking test?


How can I do well in IELTS speaking?


What is the importance of TOEFL and GRE?

I am bachelor in technology student from India. I would like to pursue higher education subject to my selection based on merit, i.e scholarship. I know there are many criteria, among which getting... more

TOEFL or IELTS - Which is more likely to be substituted for the other?

English is sadly my only language even though my parents and majority of my relatives are bilingual, and I completed my bachelor's and master's in a university where the medium of instruction is... more

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