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Voice (music)


What is the primary articulator used in singing?

Singers use their entire body in healthy singing production. But we must be careful to avoid "pushing" or "tightening" - which only leads to a stifled, "tight" tone - a tone that cannot resonate... more
Voice (music)


what are your vocal goals

what kind of vocal goals do you have
Voice (music)


What are your vocal goals? What is are you pursuing?

Are you just working on an audition? Or are you wanting a more long-term goal such as expanding your range, learning different registers, or even working toward something like being on Broadway?
Voice (music) Singing


How can I get over my stage fright and feel more confident when I'm performing?

Voice (music) Sight Singing


Why do notes go flat or sharp when you sing them?

It has to do with how you replicate the sound within your vocal instrument. Given the correct posture and use of air you can be in tune easily, take a voice class and I can show you how easy it... more
Voice (music)


What is the best way to warm up if you are time limited?

Voice (music)


Do you need to have natural talent to be a good singer?


What is the best way to practice piano scales?


How do you write good melody lines?

I make pop songs. I want to know more about what's the best way to write good melody lines during the verses, pre-choruses and choruses? What is a good rhyming scheme?


Music Questions

I need clearly to a question. I thought the answer was 1-D-Flat major. According to my study notes from school, whatever music piece the concert pitch is in, you would lower the key for... more
Voice (music)


Are you willing to discuss options using my social media?

Voice (music) Guitar Piano Drums


What's a good age I should start my child on an instrument?

This is a great question! I have been teaching over 13 years with a degree in jazz music performance from the largest music educator school in the world, also known for it's prestigious... more
Voice (music) Music General Music Theatre


Thoughts on The Battle of Yorktown from Hamilton?

Thoughts on The Battle of Yorktown from Hamilton performance? What are the performing forces?is there action taking place or does it seem that time has stopped and the singer is emoting? Or, both... more
Voice (music) Singing Performing


Can people learn to sing or are you just born with a good voice?

This is a common question I am asked

How to Read Music

Reading Treble clef remember this phrase for line notes(a line note has a line going through the note head ): --------------------------------------------------------------Fly... more


In the key of F write out the chord progressions

In the key of F write out the progressions: I, vi, ii, V, vi


Why is Theory important to new musicians?

Theory has helped people pick up on small details. Sometimes, looking at what a composer has written and why a composer wrote it can sketch out the idea of how to perform a piece. Theory is more... more


How long should I take voice lessons?


Can anyone learn to sing?

It's normal to wonder if anyone can learn to sing There are various voice types that are all unique Singing is quite interesting
Voice (music) Public Speaking Singing


How can I sound more confident?

Basically, you learn to "manufacture" confidence. Just as you would build a car or product. The concept of "Fake it till you Make it!" also applies. By working diligently on opening your mouth,... more


Have you heard music in your favorite movie?

Choose a movie of your liking. Explain to me where you hear music throughout the movie. Choose a particular scene. How does this music make the scene you are referring to more important, more... more
Voice (music)


Where can i share my vocals?

I mean is there any telegram groups? I want to know people opinion about my voice singing
Voice (music)


How do I increase my breath to sing a long note?

How do I increase my breath to sing a long note?Sing a long note in different tones? How to sing a long note.Breath control

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