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Shakespeare Acting Monologues


How do I perform Shakespeare?

How do I "do" Shakespeare?
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In Act I, Scene 6 when Duncan first arrives at Macbeth's castle, what makes this scene seem so strange to the audience?

A. Macbeth isn't there to greet Duncan and Banquo at the doorB. the audience knows that Banquo intends to kill Macbeth, but he's still being niceC. the audience knows that Duncan looks down on... more
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Explore how and why is guilt important for our understanding of Macbeth as a whole.

You will be required to submit a thesis statement that will preview what your main argument about your topic will be: My topic is Guilt. I have written a thesis, but not sure if it is... more
Shakespeare Literature Essay


Analyze the last lines of Hamlet, King Lear, and The Tempest? (7 pages Double Spaced)

The lines will be in bold and found at the end of the promptFocus on the final lines of the three Shakespeare plays we (will) have read: Hamlet, King Lear, and The Tempest. In Simon Palfrey’s book,... more


Why did the Capulets and Montague's despise each other so much?

I am doing work on Romeo and Juliet and I can't find the reason as to why the Capulets and Montagues have a deep hatred for each other. It would help me understand the story more if I knew the true... more
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Is this sonnet in iambic pentameter?

I can’t be with you, not another night Even nothing makes something more than you My freedom, leaving you, my only light A window, glass, with no way to come through The way I had felt towards you... more
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Romeo and Juliet BY Shakespeare

What effect does Romeo's tragic flaw, downfall and sudden death have on the audience


What makes the conclusion of Macbeth less than satisfying or seem fully resolved?

By the end of Macbeth, the rightful owner of the crown is made king of Scotland and Macbeth is dead--the audience should be rejoicing. What is it about this play and its themes that make the... more
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How did Shakespeare's works impact modern literature?

I need to give a 3 minute presentation explaining how Shakespeare's works made an impact on literature, what he created/discovered and why his works have lived on. Any examples and quotes would be... more
Shakespeare English Tragedy


What is the tragic form?

Particularly in Shakespeare's Macbeth? Thank you
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Why was shakespeare important for the world?

I am doing a presentation in school where we got to choose a person who we think is or was important for the world and then we have to explain why so I would like to ask why he is important and... more
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How should I understand these lines from As You Like It?

I am currently on my second reading of *As You Like It*. I am having a really hard time comprehending lines 22-25 in Act 1, scene 2. Here are those lines as they appear in the version I am reading... more


Is this line from The Merchant of Venice metaphorical?

From "The Merchant of Venice", Act IV: > The quality of mercy is not strain'd, > It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven Can we consider that a metaphor?
Shakespeare English Literature


How did Shakespeare influence modern day English?


what does Portia's death symbolize

We just finished reading Julius Caesar in my English class, and my teacher gave us this assignment. I've finished the rest of the work sheet, but i can;t figure this question out. please help!!!
Shakespeare English Literature Macbeth


What are the literary techniques in Macbeth's letter?

I am writing about his ambition leading to his inability to see the negatives of the prophecy, what are the literary devices or techniques in this quote from his letter to lady macbeth?"my dearest... more
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What are two ways Shakespeare uses foreshadowing and fate in Romeo and Juliet?

Besides foreshadowing the death of the two lovers and using fate to show how they were meant to die since the beginning, what was one other thing Shakespeare foreshadowed, and what was one other... more


which of the following lines that shylock speakes in Act 2: Scene 5 is the BEST example of personification

a) But stop my house's ears, i mean my casements: / Let not the sound of shallow foppery enter / my sober house. b) Fast bind, fast find, / A proverb never stale in thrifty mind. c) Snail-slow in... more


How does Shakespeare present the character of Brutus in a different part of the story?

This question is based on the story of julius caesar and is a 9 mark question
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PLEASE HELP need to make each line 10 syllables but really difficult :( and it has to keep same rhyme scheme

TimeTime is like a maze for it lasts up to endless days.When I look at the clock that tells time.It feels like the tide bringing in waves.I feel like a bell has chimed.Signaling the end of life's... more
Shakespeare English Literature


How would have Christians viewed the play Macbeth differently from Protestants at the time?

Would they have had different views on the same things? if they were to have a conversation about the play what would it consist of- agree on things or disagree, lead to an argument etc?

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