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Lightroom Migrate PC 2 Mac:Lost Folders/Photos

I can’t locate all my photos after trying to migrate catalog from Windows to new Mac. No standard Lightroom recovery procedures have worked to find missing photos/folders. Adobe Support could not... more
Adobe Lightroom


focus stacking with Lightroom CC

I'm doing jewelry product photography using a Canon RP camera. I'd like to continue using Lightroom CC for processing and then store the images online. I can't find a technique that will enable me... more
Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop


Why does Lightroom keep losing my images?

If you have ever been frustrated opening up Lightroom and finding Question marks next to your folders or an exclamation point in your thumbnails with the message Folder or Image missing there is... more
Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop


Do I still need Photoshop if I have Lightroom?

Well, the short answer is Yes, but the longer answer is "It Depends". The recent updates to Lightroom have made it much more powerful for editing your images Photoshop is still needed for those... more
Adobe Lightroom


Can an Online Tutor Help Me with Lightroom Catalog Problems?

I accidentally deleted my photos from LR (long story), so now I have an exclamation point on all of my photos (56,000 photos). Also, most photos are now blank (gray) whenever I open LR.I hired a... more
Adobe Lightroom


How do I import metadata on photographs in a FilmMaker Pro catalogue to Adobe Lightroom?

I'm on a Mac, and want to import the information I have entered into a FileMaker Pro catalogue into the appropriate fils in Adobe Lightroom Classic.
Adobe Lightroom Saving A Tif


How can I save a 'tif' and later access it in LR ?

I am an iMac person using LR Classic and have accumulated over 4,000 photos over the past 3+ years, and have ‘developed’ a substantial number of them. I know about exporting as a'tif' to preserve... more
Adobe Lightroom Lightroom Macbook Import


How do you import the new OS X Photos app to Adobe Lightroom?

I recently purchased a new camera to start my photography hobby. I have an SD card that I put into my Macbook Pro, and was able to easily import pictures from it into Lightroom. This didn't work,... more
Adobe Lightroom Lightroom Metadata Exiftool


Can I programatically manipulate Lightroom's "rejected" flag in images?

Can I use a tool like `exif2` or `exiftool` to programatically inspect and manipulate the flag used for "Rejected" in Lightroom? I can't find a field that seems to correspond to it. If not, is... more


How to copy all editing steps (not just settings) In Lightroom?

Is there a way to copy the editing steps from one image and paste them to another image in Lightroom, rather than simply copy/pasting the settings?I use a number of presets in Lightroom. When... more
Adobe Lightroom Lightroom Lightroom 6


How do I downgrade a RAW photo to a JPEG in Lightroom?

Sometimes, I have photos which, instead of being kept in DNG format, could be converted to JPEG: - In museums, when I make a photo of artwork, I also take a photo of a label with the name of the... more
Adobe Lightroom Lightroom Picasa Photo Editing


How to do the same crop on a batch of photos?

I've got a batch of photos (an owl coughing up a pellet in case you're curious). I want to make an animated GIF out of them, but the result would be improved if they were all given an identical... more
Adobe Lightroom Software Lightroom Raw


How can I export reduced resolution RAW files from Lightroom?

I read that in Lightroom 4 is possible to export reduced resolution raw files.Does anybody know how to do it?
Adobe Lightroom Lightroom Smart Collections


How do I create Lightroom smart collection containing all virtual copies?

I want to create a smart collection that contains all virtual copies that I've created. Is there any way to do this in Lightroom.
Adobe Lightroom Lightroom


Lightroom mass undo last develop step?

Is there a way to do a mass undo in Lightroom's develop module? I'd prefer not to push arrow key and click on the last step for this many photos.The story, for those interested in face-palming: so... more
Adobe Lightroom Lightroom Metadata Exiftool


How do I update Lightroom metadata after using ExifTool without wiping my edits?

I had to change the date/time of my photos to + 3.5 hours with ExifTool because Lightroom didn't allow me to input half an hour…I was using "exiftool -AllDates+=3.5" which is working nicely but... more
Adobe Lightroom Network Software Lightroom


How can I speed up Lightroom when working with files on a NAS?

Are there any settings in Lightroom that help make the experience working with files stored on a NAS (and accessed over WiFi) any better?----------I know that the bottleneck is the speed of WiFi... more
Adobe Lightroom Lightroom


Prevent Lightroom from creating duplicates if the edit in photoshop is not saved?

Quite often I choose to 'Edit in photoshop' from Lightroom but then end up not saving the result. (for example, because I just wanted to experiment with the photo, or I'm not satisfied with the... more
Adobe Lightroom Lightroom Backup Sdcard


Can I ask Lightroom to delete copied photos from the SD card?

I have a 32GB SD card, and I find that I run out of space on the card sooner than I'd like. Can I get Lightroom to delete the photos from the SD card after they have been copied to the Mac? Not... more
Adobe Lightroom Software Lightroom


How to prevent these automatic changes to images that are imported into Lightroom?

When I open images in Lightroom for the first time, during the loading process I see images that look "great", but after a while Lightroom applies some automatic processing to these images that... more


How to do a selective darkening of part of a photo in Lightroom?

I have a photo that has quite a distracting corner: if you divide it by the rule of thirds it's bit less than half of the bottom right corner.Can I use Lightroom to darken that corner? I don't... more
Adobe Lightroom Tagging Keywords Lightroom


How do I tag multiple photos in Lightroom?

I'm processing a batch of photos in Lightroom 3.2. They are all of a Fall nature, so I want to apply the "Fall" keyword to the lot (31 of them). When I select all of them (click, shift+click), then... more


How can I erase objects with Lightroom (rather than Photoshop)?

I have a picture shot on a white background, however the white background didn't cover the whole frame. The sides of the image show unwanted objects. I would like to erase these side parts such... more
Adobe Lightroom Lightroom Batch


How can I apply the same action to multiple images in Lightroom?

In Adobe Lightroom's Develop mode, is it possible to apply an action to multiple images? When I select multiple images (control/shift click), it highlights those images. I then perform an action... more


How to enhance details (like freckles) in Lightroom?

I searched over the web but all pages offers solutions via Photoshop. Is there a way to do it in Lightroom or is PS the only solution? I'd think something like levels would help, but there are no... more

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