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Project examples

Which of the followings is not an example of a project? 1-Developing a product 2-Production of products 3-A company entering a new country 4- Introducing a product in market


How best to recover from catastrophic text loss?

This morning I had an accidental select all delete followed by auto save, which prevented me from just hitting undo. My novel became an empty file. I use MS Word.I had emailed a copy of it a few... more


Why is character lifetime proportional to character development so often?

Hollywood movies are a good example of this, but also many books feature the rule.When the plot revolves around life and death situations, the first to die are the characters with least... more


How do you map out your storyline?

There are various ways for mapping out the storyline that you will use for a story. One of them is to create a bullet-point outline, which would theoretically be useful because of the hierarchy... more

Is writing three drafts really necessary?

So I understand the first draft which is basically writing whatever comes to mind but I don't understand why we have to rewrite it three times. Can someone please explain to me? What exactly do we... more
Planning Business Estimation


How to estimate amount of work/man hours for an unfamiliar task?

Sooner or later we come across a task in our project, with which we are totally unfamiliar ('we' as in PM, but also possibly the staff assigned to do this particular task). How can we estimate... more


How do you manage technical debt?

In real world, business initiatives always take higher priority as there are associated ROIs and deliver something tangible to the users. But there are technical initiatives and projects that need... more


What Information to have on project planning sticky notes?

I've been assigned as PM to an ongoing project that had a few issues when I started. It looks like these have been resolved but the team will have to review and update the project plan to address... more

How to start my first project?

I'm going to manage my first project that is really a small stream of an even greater project, and my boss said that I could make my own schedule and plans etc.I have a couple of questions, I need... more

How to communicate with project leaders when they are doing poorly?

I have been on multiple projects where the project leaders have not involved themselves in the project enough to even learn what the project is really doing. Other times the project leaders didn't... more


Are Program Management skills different from Project Management skills?

My company has a series of projects with dependencies between them (eg back end hardware refresh/virtualisation, new desktop build/roll-out, database upgrade and implementation of new... more

Prioritizing Features?

Question for fellow product owners/product managers. How do you prioritize your features? We are currently trying to develop some common criteria (as objective as possible) that we can use to... more


Technical Specification Tools?

I am planning to write a technical specification document / functional specification for my personal project. Can anybody suggest any useful links / tools / templates that can help me?I am mainly... more

Should every WBS item map to a single "charge number"?

Assuming you are running projects where every employee submits their time in a corporate accounting system like SAP or Deltek, should every project always define charge numbers for every WBS item? ... more

Should a client/customer be in the room or participating during planning poker?

From my understanding, planning poker involves the development team or the executors of the project and the project manager or the project owner. I recently had a debate with our project manager on... more


Estimating user stories at the start of the project so that the PM can determine a quote for the client?

Recently I have started to work on a team in a new project. Our company is attempting to run things in an Agile manner.The project team consists of 4 developers each from different teams and with... more

How should a non-technical person define tasks for technicians?

I need to explain the needs for integration of a web-based service on our website to the programmers. I want to find out the best structure for such a request.How should I describe the features I... more


How to calculate budget margin?

Say a work package (containing several tasks) is estimated to take between 320 (Most likely) and 480 (Worst case) hours of work (not duration) to complete. Because of some dependencies and the... more

What is a "typical" duration for how long it takes to start up a project?

We are trying to put some statistics together internally to get a better handle on how long it takes to complete pre-project work for business improvement projects. This work includes work... more

When a PM goes on holiday, what can they expect when they get back to convince that the project has not suffered?

Partway through a project and a significant holiday kicks in for the PM. What should the PM take their temporary replacement through before they go - and what should they expect to be handed back... more

What is the difference between metric and KPI?

I know that KPI is a metric and metric is not necessarily a KPI, but I still don't understand the difference between these two. Let's take Periscope application as an example. What are possible KPI... more

Advice needed on managing parallel projects at different detail levels?

I work as a PM for a small company active in the metal carpentry business. We have 3 PMs managing up to 50 projects per year ranging from few weeks to three years each. Design, shopfloor and site... more

How to provide traditional upper management early analyses in an agile project?

I was discussing moving our process to become more agile with our (mostly traditional) Chief Information Officer (CIO).The CIO's stance was that >=80% of the requirements need to be defined (and... more

What is the right approach to work package size?

In medium size project were you are interfacing with functional Project Managers, and you are the PM for the entire project. How much details do you want in your WBS? Do you break it and keep it... more

How to link Scrum release backlog to conventional project plan (MS project) in keeping sprint benefits?

We use the Scrum methodology for our software development. Since software development isn't the core activity of our company, and since this company isn't agile methods oriented yet, I need, as the... more

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